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    Air Gear's soundtrack was good. Tenjou Tenge had good music for the opening and closing credits. Naruto was a bit hit and miss for me in terms of music
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    I love pretty much every anime opening, ever. xD
    But, my favorite music within the episodes would have to be Full Metal Alchemist. Wonderful stuff, I am usually not attracted to classical kind of music, but in FMA it is beautiful.

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    Evangelion. Kudos to Shiro Sagisu for the great music composition, and who could ever forget "Cruel Angel Thesis" and "Komm Suser Todd"? Great stuff!

    Air Gear too has some hip-hop music to it. Gets me going on a moody day.

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    Gundam 00, Like L'Arc~en~Ciel very much, and the Back Horn's Wana is also a good music.
    Eureka Seven also had good soundtracks except for the third opening.
    And you can't forget Bleach, all the Op and Ed are good, and Initial D 2nd stage ( I played Kimi ga Iru with my band few months ago )

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    Inuyasha,One peice, FMA, and Naruto when it first came out the new theme song sucks now.

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    I just started watching Paranoia Agent and i love the opening and ending music to it, it just sounds so surreal to me. I'm downloading the OST at the minute. Anyone else here like it?

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    so hard to decide...i'd say FFVII advent children since it has a big number of awsome musics
    Code geass OST1 has some good ones too
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    .hacks. Naruto's first three soundtracks are great but everything pales in comparison to the music of .hack//sign and .hack//roots. The animes were good but the main reason I watched was because I was so drawn to the beautiful ethereal music. I'd wager though, that the OSTs of .hack//sign are greater than those of .hack//roots. ^_^

    (Now I feel like listening to them again)
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    NGE - Cruel Angel Thesis (Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze)

    said it own it. The best music ever (and I'm sicko by most anime OP's) specially on the last episode, right before the end in two (I think) instruments.

    After that is DNAngel Sorrowful Light and I love bleach DTecnolife and Naruto's Fighting Dreamer best but I love most of the openings in every anime.

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