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I found that the drawings were not THAT good but I still loved chapter.

And am I the only one like this -> O__________O -> when Kanda said ''FOURTH ILLUSION''? I was dying. And we didnt see anything -.-
Yeah I sort of thought the same thing. So it's just a really good slash?......ok...... As far as Allen is concerned, I can see him going with the Noahs and it becoming a whole sasuke retrieval squad thing happening, except Allen doesn't turn out to be a douche. I'm not exactly saying I think that is what is going to happen but I could see it heading in that direction. Honestly I think Cross is going to show up and do the crazy ass crap that he does. You know that dude isn't dead. One thing is for sure, Allen has already made it clear that he does not want the 14th to take over. That resolve is pretty hardened.