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deicide end of the chrysalis age 表紙は愛染の抜け殻
The cover is Aizen's shell.
After the slash Urahara asks what they should do.
Isshin says that he can't read Aizen's reiatsu at all.
The thing they fought was so strong, and it's as if it had disappeared.
"The only strength I can feel is in the location he is standing," he says.
Aizen emerges from the dust and tells him it was a good attack. His face is cracked.
"It understood that attack, and understood my own strength," he adds, grasping his sword.
There's a loud noise and Ichigo turns. Behind him is Gin, saying, "Is it good?"
もう戦士でも死神でも虚でも人でもない中途半端な状態であの三人が負ける相手に君が勝てるか? と問う。
He asks, "Neither soldier nor shinigimi nor hollow, nor human, but instead a midway state. Those 3 have lost, do you think you can win?"
何も答えられない苺にさらに、逃げ、もう興味ないし、愛染もがっかりする。理解できてるんやろ?今の愛染隊 長の力が。と続ける。
Ichigo has no response. "Run away. You're no longer of interest. Even Aizen is disappointed. Can you understand the the power Captain Aizen currently possesses?"
それでも何も答えない苺に警告は今のでお終いや、まだ逃げへんのやったら今ここで斬るわと刀を 抜く。
He ends his warning there. "If you're still not going to run away then I'll cut you down here." He pulls out his sword.
Then Aizen appears. Ichigo looks to where the battle was before and sees the three that have fallen.
Aizen asks Gin what he'll do now? "Nothing, just have a test of strength."
"Is that so?" Aizen answers as he makes a signal which opens the Senkaimon. Aizen intends to invade the Karakura in SS.
It's not necessary to destroy the pillars. If he's going to take down the Royal Palace then it's more convenient to create the royal key in SS.
待てといおうとした苺だが、そこで愛染が脱皮。どうやら蛹籃の時は終わったようだといい振り向くとロン毛で 目が虚化した時の状態の愛染。
Ichigo tells them to wait, but then Aizen sheds his skin. He says his chrysalis state has ended. Aizen has long hair and hollow-like eyes.
君はここへ置いていく。君を喰らうのは全てが終わった後でいいと謎の言葉を残し門をくぐり消え る愛染。
"I'll leave you here. I've finished devouring everything of you." And with that cryptic message he passes through the door and disappears.
なんだよ・・・何が・・・と呆然とする苺に親父がフラフラながらも立ち上がり名前を叫ぶ。何をボサっとして る、センカイ門を開けと親父。
"What...the...hell? What was that?" A dazed Isshin stands up and staggers toward Ichigo, calling his name. He whispers something and the Senkaimon opens.
Ichigo snaps out of it as Isshin grabs his shoulder. "Let's go. We're going to protect Karakura Town." Until next chapter.