I always dream the most random stuff, but for some reason I dreamt about Bleach this night. The plot was heading in the typical manner, everyone trying to beat Aizen but in avail. When Isshin lands his getsuga tensho, it hits Ichigo instead. Aizen tells Isshin that they have all been under his zanpakuto's control without knowing. Then some real mindfuck starts, where it turns out that Aizen tried to merge with Ichigo to create the ultimate being, but to do that he had to mind control Ichigo first. So suddenly the scene shifts into Ichigo's internal world where him and Aizen are friends, and Aizen trying to "help" him with his mental problems. Then the revelation comes with Aizen and Ichigo being the same person kinda, and the whole part ended with that it was a fanwritten chapter and thus fake.