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    Quote Originally Posted by onewinged View Post
    I hope so. Because one by one, Ichigo's attributes which make him unique are disappearing one by one.

    1. Big ass sword in the beginning? Turned out to be nothing special really.

    2. Bankai? A bunch of people have this now.

    3. Hollow mask? Hey! A bunch of others also have this now too!

    4. He still has Getsuga Tenshou! Nah, not anymore.
    So it would seem that the last thing ichigo has left that is truly unique is that he is a hybrid and that he gain hollow powers naturally. I hope that kubo really takes his time integrating ichigo's past and his hybrid powers into the story because I feel that it has the potential to either make or break the story line.

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    Ok this week chapter was kind of fast paced but it was good. I know everybody had a "holy shit" moment when Isshin used Getsuga Tenshou, well that's if you didn't read it in the spoilers that is.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    In the light of Ishin using Getsuga Tenshou, it is obvious that He is the original Weilder of the Technique, and that Ichigo's Shinigami powers derive from him.

    I think what we should do is to try and connect the dots henceforth.

    Isshin is a Captain Class Shinigami.
    Ishin Came to live in the Mortal world.
    Ishin lost or gave up his Shinigami powers.
    Ishin is an aquaintance/freind/cohort of Urahara
    During Ishin's Tenure on Earth he sire Ichigo who was born with High spiritual power.
    Urahara Manipulated Ichigo to revive his Shinigami Powers, and to become a Vaizard WITHOUT using Hougoukyu
    Ishin is aware of Uharaha's Manipulations on his son, and he has no qualms about it.
    Ishin regains his Shinigami powers AFTER Ichigo's Shinigami and Hollow powers have firnly developed.
    Now we see Ishin Using the same Attack that Ichigo does.


    1) Ichigo's powers derive from Isshin (obviously).

    2) Zangetsu is Probably an Offshoot (like a potato bud) of Isshins own Zanpakutou.

    3) Ichigo's whole life has been a Shinigami experiment

    4) Old Man Yamamoto Genrusai (or perhaps even Squad Zero) probably authorized Uharaha's and Ishin's experiment to create A new Shinigami Class (Ichigo the first), born with Natural Hollow Powers, Without the Use of Hougoukyu, perhaps after hougoukyu was abandoned as too risky.

    5) Uharaha (That Rascal) could have done it all without permission, but you have to wonder why Soul Society did not Capture Isshin and bring him back, or why the Captains or at least some of them were too lenient on Ichigo's group during the SS arc.

    6) It is possible that the Higher ups were made aware of (or suspected) Aizen's Betrayal of SS, shortly after the first Vaizards were made, and Uharaha was asked to destroy/Neutralize Hougoukyu, and device a counter strategy to Aizen.

    7) But then again he could have simply done these things himself although you wonder why Urahara's activities were not closely monitored. One possibility is that Yoruichi as a Shihoin one of SS four founding clans arranged the whole deal.
    Nice theories paul especially the fourth conclusion, I got a laugh out of that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Very interesting chap.. Aizen was split into two but of course he will survive that. Now that his condom armor is starting to break I wonder what will be his final form...hmmnn
    .. only thing he misses, is some lubricant

    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    Last 2 pages was EPIC. I Heard getsuga, i taught holy S***. I guess this whole attack type is a bloodline kind of thing. And am loving the techniques urahara and yoruichi are busting out. I say go bankai already, and does yoruichi have her zanpaktou hidden somewhere in that tiny dress of hers
    .. between her huge tits, I think

    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    ok I read it....

    The end.

    .. hahah epic!! It's nice too read your post in Bleach Section last two weeks ;p

    anyways, our great " You Think that.. " villain is going on with his rampage. But be serious; isn't Urahara one of the most badass Mothafucka's around? I enjoyed when Aizen said; your intellect is even beyond mine.. wow, Mr. Condom, that was something I never excepted to hear.

    and yea; Urahara, Porno Baby with her sexy outfit + legs, was the only thing that entertained me with this chapter.
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    Good point. I think gin will have a huge role on how events turn out. So it's going to be interesting seeing which side he truly is on.
    we should find out soon with Matsumoto (potential gin love interest) running to the scene.

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    Someone is going to need to clarify this for me, ahem, did Isshin just say GETSUGA?!?!?!?! Fukkin knew it, that page alone made this 5/5. OMG this is going to be SICK! I wonder what colour it is? I can't wait to see him and Ichigo fight over who's Getsuga is better.

    Maybe it's not a Getsuga Tenshou, but maybe Getsuga something else. Hmm, but it's probably the former.

    EDIT* LMAO, nvm my stupidity. I got excited and posted that after I read page 19, got a bit carried away. Guess it's a Getsuga Tenshou -____-
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjara View Post
    yeah, just because gin turns on aizen, doesn’t mean he necessarily switched sides. He could just be using ichigo to weaken or get aizen out the way so he can unleash his own plans.

    I'd actually like that much more cause then you would multiple villains competing against each other with different goals in mind. It could give the story a little more depth.
    yeah i would like during the next arc to see gin and aizen forming their own team of vasto lorde and fighting against each other.

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    Somone havnt do his homework Right.

    ~ Ichigo VS his inner Hollow ~

    Ichigo: " Why you have ... "
    Hollow: " So you think your Zangetsu wich you are Holding in hand is real one ?"

    >>>> 1). Posiblle is only that:

    Getsuga Tensho, may be Same as Super speed Shampoo "Fastest by any current Capitan in SS" wich is ability of Byakuya clan.

    Also as somone already Rated Getsuga As "Kaehameha"
    it may be just BAsic Atack ability of Kurosakis Bloodline.

    And more, "Zangetsu" might be 'Kurosaki Zangetsu' Grand grand grand Father of Ichigo or even isshin.

    >>>> 2). Also its possible that Zangetsu as former Shinigami was Dual Sword master, and so on, because Isshins and Ichigos Spirits are familiar, and Zanpaktou have been splited into two.

    >>>> 3). or ... Perhaps OLD Ichigos Sealed Zanpaktou was just like VERY sealed, 1st seal broke when he gone AKA Shinkai wich is not reall a shinkai, 2nd seal was a Bankai wich is not really a bankai. Its just Fully Unlocked Zanpaktou wich awaits its Second blade to become Bankai...

    BUT ... No one Said htat BANKAI [translation - Second release] its Final release.

    >>>> 4). Ichigo might be born with Isshins Spiritual Power - Thats why Aizen was watching him over.
    And might be that isshins Zanpaktou got splited into 2....
    <i heard it somwhere that Isshin lost half of his power>

    If Hollow were with Zangetsu all the time, that might be WHY Aizen was observing Isshin also... he might be his Test Subject as 1st Hollowfication sucesfully object.

    Now, Ichigo posses Half of Isshins powers, and Powers As his own when Rukia "Made him" to be Shinigami.

    [it might explains another issu while Aizen was about to say - "Because you are Shinigami and ...". and Shinigami ?.]

    >> Summarry - im for Option 4.

    But stil lwe can Hear from next Chapter:

    Isshin - yeah yeah i was kidding, i tought that might turn your attention at me.

    OR ??

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    Err... well, your theory is pretty similar to mine up until the part where you said that Isshin's power was split in two. That's wrong. We don't know exactly how he lost his powers, but he also lost ALL of his powers, not just a part of it.

    No, no one said that bankai his second release, but your idea that Ichigo's bankai is not quite a bankai also fails on the fact that Ichigo MUST say bankai and the name of his bankai to release it, i. e. Bankai - tensa zangetsu. This is pretty much in line with all other bankai we've seen, so there's no indication that his bankai is not a bankai.

    You are absolutely right however in that bankai is not necessarily the final release a shinigami can master.
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    Gin's been more instructive in his battle with Ichigo than he's been destructive and there's obviously a reason for that. I'm pretty sure he's not just toying with him seeing as he's already acknowledged his power an neither is pity in his nature. Gin seems like someone poised at the brink of making a major move as chapters of silent observation and then a basic delaying action with Ichigo while his former comrades race toward him.

    Gin's getting ready to pull the strings together on something.

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    Well,I just want to see Ichigo using two swords-one black and one white.
    Also the whole king thing I saw in Ichigo vs Hollow Ichigo is related to the king(of ss) as well.Aizen just wants to rule from the sky thus his horses will bear his power.Aizen don't want to be a horse.Instinct.

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