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    Maybe we'll even get to see some insight to Madara... Maybe...

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    Senior Member kiduka's Avatar
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    I only liked the headless joke, I would've enjoyed it more if Rlinfamous didn't predicted the rest ....Damn him!

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    Programming Guru Trigunflame's Avatar
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    What I've been wondering since this chapter came out is..

    If Naruto successfully tames the Kyubi.. will it allow him to "Fuse" with Fukasaku & Shima being that he's suppressing its (Kyubi's) mind & it would no longer effectively be "In Control" of its Chakra.

    I'm thinking it might be possible, maybe even likely; thus making the use of clones unnecessary & allowing him to fight @ full Chakra capacity.

    Unlimited Sage Mode + Near limitless Kyubi Chakra = Oh Snap!
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    Also, it's funny that KB and Naruto are going thru all of this while Kisame sits on KB's back. Kisame's gonna have a shitload of info to relay, if he makes off of the island.

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    i love jesus christ enochdickson's Avatar
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    to me it was not great .. but the art work was cool from kishi
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    Quote Originally Posted by artifice View Post
    I am honestly surprised that so many people liked this chapter, I thought it was kind of lame. The whole tug of war concept just doesn't seem interesting to me at all and I thought that the way the fox was drawn didn't make him look dangerous at all. These rather static back and forth exchanges aren't doing much for me. I know lots of people complain about Sasuke getting too much screen time but honestly I have found the Sasuke centric chapters far more entertaining/interesting than the Naruto ones as of late.
    Naruto centric chapters have lately been driven by lame dialog and less than steller inner conflicts. In my opinion Naruto hasn't really had a great moment since his battle with Nagato. Naruto also doesn't seem to be having much trouble at all with this whole process sofar. I want to see Naruto really struggle and get dragged through the mud to get the 9-tails under his control, I want to see a process that challenges him and pushes him to his absolute limits. The whole thing sofar has seemed like somewhat of a joke, not that I mind humor but the whole process just doesn't seem to have any dramatic value at this point.
    The point of the temple is to allow the tailed beast to come out without damage to the surroundin area, so that's why when the Kyuubi came out, it was some big elaborate appearance. As far as the whole tug of war concept not being interesting, that will be a huge battle within itself becuase it's not like Naruto can just outmuscle the Kyuubi, but he'll have to out think, out muscle, and out will the most poowerful tailed beast next ot the Jyubi

    Now to thhe point of you thinking that the Naruto centric chapters have been lame, while the Sasuke centric chapters are more interesting, I can agree to a certain extent. The reason Sasuke's chapters are a little better is because he's a rougue ninja, whose causing chaos within the ninja world (i.e the five kage summit battle), which is leading to him having alot more panels filled with action. Though Sasuke' battles are great to read about, at the end of the day it reminding us that he's a criminal that people want to kill!!! Naruto on the other hand is good,heroic, a man of his word, and pure which leads to alot of chapters about Naruto conversing with his friend or people trying to lighten his spirits because he couldn't bring Sasuke back. However I can see Naruto centric chapters picking up now that he's going to battle the Kyuubi, which I believe Kishimoto wil drag out a couple chapters because will probably find out how/why the Kyuubi can be controlled by the sharingan, and maybe get an insight into how the Kyuubi really feels about Naruto

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    This Machine Pwns n00bs Amargo Deathscythe's Avatar
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    best yamato flip out evar


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    Mangekyou Sharingan itachi_47's Avatar
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    Man this whole control the Kyubii thing was pretty cool at the start. I mean KB did it, so why not naruto right? Good idea, so naruto can fight Sasuke with his full powers!

    But now, first he had to fight the hatred in himself? (HATE THAT PART). Fighting the kyuubi is ok, i think that's what it takes for a beast of that magnitude to respect his owner, and tame him.

    So i like the idea of taming the beast, but hated the waterfall thingy! Fighting your "Evil self"! common... Imagine Sasuke at that waterfall! lolz!

    Itachi and Sasuke are my favorite characters ever created in a anime.

    "Thank you to all the writers, drawers and translator that brings us a new Naruto chapter every week. I thank you all, for all your hard work. It is in my opinion the best anime serie ever created. Domo Arigato gosaimasu! Jamata Raishu!"

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    mouths full watch and learn simple to make out what naruto was trying to say but it was muffled.

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    rofl at yamato freaking love him!

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