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I think it could go either way, for example I think Law could cut BB unless BB was covered by his darkness - I say this because BB was affected by Magellan poison so its not like he is always immune to DF powers he touches he as to be using his powers, also, I don't know if BB would be able to put himself back together even with his DF since he wasn't able to neutralize the poison.
So if the fight started and BB was acting retarded and didn't IMMEDIATELY use his DF to cover himself I think Law could cut him up, once that happened Law could just stab him over and over. If however BB used his DF at first then he would likely win.
I agree.I think that BB was stronger but he would just stand there like an idiot and would give Law the chance to use his ability on him.

Chopper (ninja point only) vs Lucci
You mean kung fu point,right?

I dont think he can take Lucci.But he probably can using his monster point.

Hannyabal(pre TS) vs Mr 2