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    Naruto's relation with the Fourth

    Well, well... maybe Kishimoto wanted to make happy a lot of Naruto fans who really wanted Forth as Naruto's father, and we finally have it here, that's true, that's confirmed!

    Maybe one of the best revealed secrets of the series? It's so... I'd say incredible and great, but I think everybody saw it coming at least once while reading the manga.

    Now, what do you think about it?

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    Dude, I think the info on Madara, Kyuubi, and Naruto was more interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g7_gomitat7 View Post
    Dude, I think the info on Madara, Kyuubi, and Naruto was more interesting.
    Agreed. I mean, let's face it. It was pretty obvious from the start that Yondaime (Namikaze Minato) was Naruto's father.
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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Yeah, it was very obvious from the beginning, so the "OMGWTFT3HR0X0RZ" factor wasn't that huge when it was revealed. Not to say it wasn't a good one (cause I'm happy about it meself), but ain't that much of "da bomb" that it was supposed to be...
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    So true......... Not a big factor, I would possibly like WOW, if it had been that he wasn't Narutos fasha..... And besides, this topic shuold have probably waited untill the chapter would been out, and called "Naruto Chapter 370 discussion". ;P

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    Now we just have to determine whether or not Pein is the 4th's gay lover.

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