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    You know what page 13 reminds me of?


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    this chapter was EPIC is almost, not wait i DID jizz my pants


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    Quote Originally Posted by Seke View Post
    If they can withdraw from this battle at some point, Urahara should make like 3 more hougyokus for himself, Yoruichi and Ichigo so they can beat that smug smirk off of Aizen's face already. I HATE that he never -ever- gets hurt.
    So they could also get the same lame outfit? no way. It will be a batlle of the condoms lol.

    But aside from aizens new form the rest is pretty good. Kubo make up with the yorouichi outfit. And I think Aizen still has a final transformation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post

    He looks like a big condom. Man this chapter was useless.

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    Damn man, when did Aizen join the KKK?? Thats the real mystery here.

    Other than that, not to much to talk about... Youruichi made the chapter showing up in all her hawtness, she almost made up for Aizen being grand dildo of the KKK.

    I wonder if thats her zanpakuto's shikai she is wearing on her hands and feet. That would be cool. Hopefully Isshin busts his shikai out next chapter, then we start seeing the bankais fly.

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    I love Yoruichi. I think Aizen looks pretty cool.
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    lol Aizen went from cool villain to condom wrapped villain in 1 chapter.

    - Will Yourichi use her Zanpaktou and I wonder if it increases her speed beyond what it already is?

    - Aizen is becoming more ridiculous every chapter I'm ready for him to die and for new villain to take over.

    - Unohan should hurry and heal Yamamoto so he can rejoin the fight but that seems unlikely.

    - That other guy with the thick mustache who use to be the head of the Kido Corps should be joining them soon too..

    - Maybe as a last resort he made another H-cube he will give to Ichigo lol and the battle of the 2 condom wrappers will commence...

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    What I don't get is that, even without the h-cube, Aizen could own all of them with his shikai alone.
    I think Tite, couldn't come up with anything to counter Complete hypnosis, so he changed the game altogether. To think that Aizen has yet to release his bankai.

    Bleach is really annoying now.

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    i dont quite yet believe aizen's transformation is, something HORRIFIC will come up from under those sheets

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    ok i was just thinking maybe the hougyoku needs to be awakened so hes letting them attack him, kind of like their just playign in to his hands and all the power their putting into beating him hes merely channeling it into the hougyou to level up or whatever, it would explain why he hasnt made any offensive attacks yetand why he just stood though kisukes kidoue barriers. But its just a thought, what do you guys think?
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