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lol to this one, can you imagine looking behind you and seeing a bunch of flying dicks coming at you haha.

what about the supa supa no mi (cut cut fruit) and a flying zoan fruit? Imagine flying at someone like a giant blade, or having blade feathers or something, just like Arch Angel but more bird-like...

The lava DF and the Quake DF, smash the earth and crack it in half then make all this lava shoot out like a huge eruption!

The rust DF and the smoke DF, be a giant cloud of instant rusting power, float through a whole fleet of ships unable to be injured and just destroying everything!

The paw fruit and the bomb fruit, repel someone at top speeds into a building while turning them into a human bomb blowing up the building!

idk, im coming up with all kinds of awesome combos in my head! This is a pretty cool thread lol
hey don't take all the fun!