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    Quote Originally Posted by Electros View Post
    So many deaths in one piece lately, oda sure is making the manga darker especially with the whole "Blackbeard releasing level 6 and making them kill each other" from a few chapters ago.

    Honestly this whole sabo side story doesn't interest me, and dadan was a huge letdown, I was expecting her/him to be some ultimate bad ass but it seems she's just a small timer like the bandits from luffys village. I guess we'll see how she deals with the pirates and then I can decide. garp did mention her having some major crimes.
    Stop fucking crying. People complained no one dies in One Piece. And when people do oh he making the manga dark. Go read Hello Kitty. No one dies in that.

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    Yeah I have been slowly losing interest in the current plot in this manga. The end of the war disappointed me and this arc seems kind of pointless as well. Of course this is all my opinion.

    Now that Ace is dead I personally don't care about how he and Luffy met and now that I have seen it I don't really like Ace's character as much. I find that when you do flashbacks while the person is still alive it has a bigger emotional impact when they die.

    By the way Handbanana your avatar is freaking me out. lol

    I am an Uchiha fan. There I said it.
    Now that Itachi's dead I will never get out of this genjutsu.

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    Bring back the god damn Strawhats already!!!!!!!

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    I say the tenryuubito will kill Sabo.

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