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    This is starting to get out of hand. There is no need to bash a member of an internet forum because of his beliefs about a manga. A lot of the people on the One Piece forums here are starting to make me regret joining because of their needless amounts of pure hatred for someone who has done absolutely nothing.

    Cross777 is a very intelligent and valued member of the One Piece community here at Mangashare, and if you don't like and refuse to accept it, then you really shouldn't be here. Are you jealous because he's a better speaker than you, is more intelligent than you, or because he disproves your lack-luster theories with his flawlessly precise reasoning? Honestly, some of these posts bashing him deserve infractions and I have started reporting people in an effort to protect the best poster on the One Piece forums. And if you were one of the cross777 "haters" I will only ask you to cease and desist, or face the consequences.
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    I never got a single report from you.

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