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naah.. nothing to do with numbers this time. Aizen's ego and his confidence of being " immortal " with his fusion with H-cube, made him blind. Thats why Urahara said; Normally, you would never let me attack like this,.. you would counter it in someway

Now, with the H-cube attached on his body, Aizen got owned by his own Ego. Thats why Urahara is a badass motherfcker.. he simple turned Aizen against himself with his own method; it was this time Urahara who planned and knew what would be happening. Urahara pulled an " Aizen " on Aizen

.. but it doesn't matter, because Aizen is gonne re-turn with a line: You really thought that you got me, heh Urahara? It's too late Urahara, your time is over. Blablabla and blablalba..
haha, yeah.. i guess

Is it bad when i first saw H-cube that i my first thought was Hentai-cube.. O.o Ive been watching way too much anime lately...