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    Crayon Shin-Chan ~ Yoshito Usui

    "Crayon Shin-chan follows the adventures of five-year-old Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara and his parents, neighbors, and friends and is set in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan."

    I suppose everyone have heard about this comedy manga. If you've never had the chance to read it or watch the anime, you should give it a try, it's a very well done comedy series.

    Well, I used to collect the manga volumes when I was a kid (I believe I bought 15 volumes, and ended up selling them years after), and now that the author is dead, I though it would be great to be able to read his work from beginning to end.

    So basically I'm starting this thread to see if anyone has any bit of an idea of where to get this manga, either online or in a cheap deal paperback. Although the author's team is going to continue working on a sequel, all I'm interested are the 49 volumes Yoshito published.

    Any scanlation group site or online store where I could get this from?

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    i have some of those mangas, but unfortunately they are in Indonesian...have you try 4shared?..
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    "Kureyon Alliance" scanlated like 30 chapters!
    you can read them online on Mangafox:



    okj you made curious, i know shin-chan from my childhood but never watched/read it!
    Got to catch that up!

    Just found it till chapter 113!
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    Red face

    I grew up with this manga. I have about 40 of the books and still read them occasionally. The death of the author was really sudden and is sad considering that the series was getting much better recently. I never liked the tv series and really despise the dubbed version as it made the series look stupid.

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    Thanks, mzorro, I knew about Kureyon but not about all those scans on MH!

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    this guy is very very funny. It made me laugh every time I
    watch this show. can anyone share more links to the most
    memorable episode of this series.

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    Yes, That's very nice site...We should give promoting to this site...Because there are many details available here so I hope you will give importance to this in future time.........

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