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    My thoughts were sai is :)

    Lots of u guys wondered were sai has been the whole time since we didnt see him around in a while. So this is my INSANE theory: since the last chapters nearly leads us to think that jiraiya might die i bet sai splitted purposely from narutos group and headed to the rain village (because its scenery would be nice to draw ). When the fight is about to end and jiraiya is nearly facing death, sai will pop up from nowhere and rescue him, so he can badly injured come back to konoha and be alive :> or die-ing in konoha in the arms of tsunade....

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    Yes because of his incredible sense of duty he would just desert....

    Sai is either following the order's of Naruto's group and is hanging out elsewhere or Root is up to something.

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    Sai doesn't know what jiraiya is doing.
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    I think you are just over reacting about his lack of appearance, if he just completely vanished someone would of at least said something.

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    maybe kishi forgot about him

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    ^ haha. I didin't even realize sai wasn't in the last few chapters. Perhaps Kishi forgot about him as I did, lol.

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    Jiraiya did say before he left: "Beware of root." - or something like that
    A bunch of chapters on root will come out along with Sai.
    Sai will be involved with root somehow and the drama will ensue.

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    Thread moved to Naruto Theories forum.


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    Sai tripped over a tree branch, fell on his head and is now dying from blood loss. No one really cares enough about him to notice he is gone.

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    i like this thread, personally i wanted to joke around with this thread because the reasons where sai could be are just not tellable. Some guys writes funny thinks about his whereabouts too and others have good small thoughts about his movemants and circumstances. So lets see what will happen in the next chapters.
    Personally i like the idea with root making a move, so maybe sai met danzou (i think it was the roots leaders name) before and he got a new secret mission whose aim we will read about in the next lets say 10 chapters (this mission could be everything: from just observe the movements of all teams to assassination to someone...)

    btw. at first i thought this wouldnt be a theory thread because of the funny thinks i mentioned at the beginning, but then it can becoming quite interesting, so lets see other comments :>

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