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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoboBob View Post
    Ok i wrote that at 5am so cut me some slack and what I'm saying is if the kyuubi was summoned, it took place long after the battle between madara and the first so that can't be the reason they fought.

    Btw, trying to sound smart and being smart are two different things your not capable of either so don't bother.

    P.S.: You're "note" doesn't really make much sense either.
    Oh really? Well "I'm an asshole if I want to" makes sense to anybody but you. It is quite a simple sentence. If I want to be an asshole to someone, then I do it. What's so hard about it? Actually, you are the one who barely makes sense. Look, you're not even able to use the good articles when writing something. People who use "your" as "you're" and "you're" as "your" THINK they're being smart, but they're actually just wrecking themselves cus nobody understands this stuff - and it's not something that can be understood since it's plain bull****.

    A last thing about all these "The kyuubi was released just 16 years ago, long before Madara and Shodai fought! you dumbass!! hahaha!", hem. Dude, it's nowhere new the Kyuubi attacked konoha just 16 years ago. You're just quoting the manga's frog. How does it feel to be quoting a frog? You must be pretty out of contents to do this. But whatever. I'm of course not talking about the Konoha attack. I'm not that stupid.

    The konoha attack being the only one told in the manga up to now doesn't mean the kyuubi appeared only once in a century. Take your sight beyond your nose, thanks.

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    Calm down Kids - Arguing over the Interwebs is full of fail.

    Now shhh or banstickz!

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    i think that ppl are reading to far into this.
    its entertainment. leave it as that
    its not like if its true you'll get something
    this is what is called a narutard

    made by [DFX]
    Quote Originally Posted by DFX View Post
    you got me what I always wanted \o/
    you're now my favorite person.
    jaeger makes the internet go round

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