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    One Piece One Piece 583 Spoilers

    Kapitel 583

    Source: 2ch
    Credits: ohana
    Verification: confirmed

    583 不確かな物の終着駅




    3か月を越えたころ ゴミばかりのグレイターミナルにつく

    そのそばの木の上に サボ

    ルフィ捕まる 助けを求めるルフィ



    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post
    ohana's script:

    Chapter 583: Final Destination for the Uncertain (The Gray Terminal)

    Dadan tells Luffy she'll give him food and water, but if he wants meat he's gonna have to get it himself.
    She also makes Luffy do errands in the house

    Ace is off to somewhere
    Luffy goes after luffy, abandoning his errands
    Ace comes back to the house first
    Luffy comes back to the house a week later, all beat up

    But Luffy goes after Ace every day month after month.
    After three month or so, he arrives at the Gray Terminal, where there's heaps of trash.

    Sabo is sitting on top of the tree nearby
    Ace calls Sabo up
    Ace and Sabo are doing crooked things to save up hidden savings for piracy
    Luffy arrives and tells them he's gonna be a pirate too
    Luffy now knows Sabo and Ace's secret
    Ace and Sabo ties Luffy to a tree and tries to kill him, but can't (they've never killed anyone yet)

    A large man who Ace stole the money from appears, and is looking for Ace
    Luffy is caught by the man, and asks for help

    The large man asks Luffy if he knows Ace, and he answers yes
    He then asks where the money is, but Luffy tells him he doens't know (Luffy is terrible at lying)

    The man tells Luffy well then, I'll make you remember, and takes him away

    Will Ace & Sabo save Luffy or not?
    End of chapter

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    Source: 2ch
    Verification: confirmed
    Translation: Aohige_AP

    Chapter 583: Final Destination of Uncertainty (The Gray Terminal)
    Cover is Hogback and Absalom looking for a mate

    Luffy: I HATE mountain bandits!!
    Dadan: shuddup damn brat, we’re already upset we have to deal with the likes of you.
    If you don’t wanna stay here, feel free to go out there and starve yourself to death!!
    bandit: calm down, boss

    Luffy looks at Ace eating heaps of meat with hunger
    Luffy: There’s not enough food, I want to eat that meat too!!
    Dadan: All these meat are from wild bull Ace hunted!! He gives us our share, and that’s how it’s on our plates. Mountain Bandits aren’t doing too well these days
    We’re gonna work you to death from tomorrow!! We’ll have you clean, wash clothes, shine our shoes, and shine our weapons! As well as robbing, stealing, conning, and murdering people!
    And never rat on Garp on what you’re forced to do here!!
    Dadan scolds Luffy while eating the meat

    A rice bowl and a cup is shown
    Dadan: one bowl of rice, and one cup of water! That’s all we’ll gurantee you…
    the rest, you have to get yourself!! And grow up on your own!
    Luffy: Alright
    Dadan: Oh you’re alright with this!? This is where you’re supposed to cry!!
    Luffy: I’ve been thrown into the jungle by my grampa before.
    I can eat worms, frogs, snakes, and mushrooms all I want in the forest
    If I’m gonna become a pirate one day, I have to be able to do at least that by myself!

    Ace walks out of the room
    Luffy: Where is he going?
    Dadan: No, where are YOU going!! …did you just say pirates!?

    Luffy walks out of the room, after Ace
    Dadan: Look at him!! He’s too tough for a little boy… that’s why I hate having to look after Garp’s grandkids!!!
    Bandit: calm down, boss

    Ace notices Luffy following him
    Ace: ……
    Luffy: Hey!! My name is Luffy!! I’m not mad at you for spitting on me anymore!!
    Ace: …..

    Flashback to Shanks in the bar
    Luffy: Why are you laughing!! It’s so uncool!
    Shanks: All he did was pour beer on me. It’s nothing to get riled up about, you know?

    Back to the forest
    Luffy: It’s nothing to get mad about!! Hey, let’s be friends!! Where are you going!?
    Ace: ……
    Ace without saying a word, kicks down a massive tree towards Luffy
    Luffy sees the tree and panics
    Luffy: huh? WAAAAAAAAA!!!!
    Luffy is flattened by the tree
    Luffy: AAAAAAA
    Ace looks at the disaster without a care in the world

    Ace is crossing a bridge, and Luffy catches up to him, and Ace notices him
    Luffy: *pant pant*
    Ace: !?

    Ace walks up to Luffy, and strikes him with a stick
    Luffy: Gyaa!!
    Luffy is knocked off the bridge, and falls into the canyon below
    Luffy: AAAAAaaaaaaaa………

    Scene changes to night time
    A bandit with a turban asks Ace
    Turban: Ace… you came back alone?
    Ace: ………
    Turban: Where’s Luffy!? Weren’t you together?
    Ace: who knows

    Turban: Hey boss!! He’s gone missing from day one!! This is not good!!!
    Dadan: Who gives a damn!! If he dies, he dies, we can’t do anything about it!
    Dadan responds while gulping down beer

    Dadan: First of all, we’re already given up on looking after Ace!!
    I don’t care where he goes off to die, we’ll just tell Garp it was an accident
    but no, he keeps on living just like the saying, the the more hated the boy is, the more power he gains in the world!
    (Japanese saying “Hated child, successful in the world”)

    Ace is listening to Dadan
    Ace: ……..
    Dadan: He’s the son of the devil!! Think what will happen if the government finds out!
    You know what they’ll do to us!?
    Bandit: calm down, boss

    Ace listens to them silently

    Scene changes to one week later
    Bandit: Boss!! Dadan, ma’am!! Luffy came back alive!!
    Dadan: He’s still alive!?
    Bandit: calm down, boss
    Dadan: Where the hell were you!!

    Luffy is in tatters

    Turban: Hey, where were you and what were you doing?
    Luffy: I was being chased by wolves at bottom of the cliff
    Turban: Below the cliff!? What did you go there for!?

    The scene changes to their sleeping room, and Luffy is thrown onto the floor of the room
    Dadan: Sleep for now!! Starting tomorrow, you’re gonna work hard for us!!
    Ace: …….
    Ace notices Luffy, and opens one of his eyes to see him, but doesn’t say a word

    Luffy slept well and morning came
    Luffy goes after Ace leaving the bandit hideout
    Luffy: Hey Ace!! You’re going somewhere again!?
    Ace: !

    Ace notices Luffy

    Luffy: Take me with you!! Let’s be friends!
    Ace: ……….

    Ace runs off without saying anything, and Luffy runs after him
    Luffy: Hey wait up!! I’m not gonna lose you this time!

    Turban: Hey boss!! He went out again, chasing after Ace!!
    Dadan: Damn you Luffy!!! You’re supposed to do errands for us!! … the damn kid won’t obey a single word!!

    Eight days later
    Luffy is falling into a river of gigantic aligators, and Ace is standing atop of the rock

    Ten days later
    Ace hurls huge rocks from atop a cliff at Luffy, and runs away

    Luffy is searching for Ace, while a gigantic serpent is moving in close behind him

    Luffy keeps losing sight of Ace, but doesn’t give up looking for him day after day after day
    A month passes. Two months passes
    Luffy is shown almost captured by a gigantic bird

    Rainy day, windy day
    day after day Luffy chases after Ace
    Luffy is spewing water from his mouth, after he was thrown into a waterfall by Ace, and saved by Turban

    Three month passed as Luffy relentlessly chased Ace
    Luffy is surrounded by gigantic tigers and bears, as Ace looks down on him from above

    Luffy: *pant* haah…
    Luffy comes out of the forest
    Luffy: Oh… I’m out of the forest…..

    Outside of Colbo mountain where the Dadan family hides out, there’s a place reeking of foul stench
    The massive heaps of trash here is burning up smoke from natural fire of the sun every day

    Luffy: *GAG* Oh god, it stinks here!! What the hell is this place!?

    A large mountain of trash is seen
    Unneeded things gather here. As well as unneeded people

    A man holding a blade stands in front of Luffy
    Man: Hey kid… out of my way….
    Trash heap resident: It’s a murderer!!!
    Another resident: He went that way!!

    Of course, the place is lawless
    there are no doctors either, and the place is full of crime and disease
    This is the Final Destination of Uncertainty, the “Gray Terminal”

    Luffy notices Ace sneaking up a mountain of trash
    Ace whispers
    Ace: Sabo! Sabo, are you here?

    Sabo: Hey Ace
    Ace: Sorry for being late
    Sabo: Yeah you are late. I’ve already finished a job at the town
    Sabo smiles
    Ace: I see. Well guess what, so did I!

    Ace is carrying tons of money, and Sabo is surprised

    A young boy wearing a silk hat with goggles
    Sabo [10 years old] A boy living in Gray Terminal

    Sabo grabs the cash
    Sabo: Whoa, awesome!! You got more than I did!! This is a lot of cash, how did you do it!?
    Ace: I took them from bunch of punks near the gate!! They might be transporters for some merchant ship

    Sabo: Damn!! you beat me again!
    The two chat as they open a hidden safe in the ground
    Inside the safe is full of money, jewerly, and rare metals

    They continue to chat while looking at it
    Ace: Who cares who wins!! It’s our stash of pirate savings we’re both going to use together some day!
    It’s been five years since we started to save this up… it was hell to gather all this
    Sabo: Yeah! I wonder how much we need to buy a pirate ship
    Ace: Who knows…. thousands, millions, we still have long way to go!
    Hurry and put it away, who knows who will see us…..

    Luffy was watching and listening them from below
    Luffy: Pirate ship!? You guys gonna be pirates!?

    Ace and Sabo notices Luffy, and panics
    Luffy: Me too!!

    Luffy comes to Ace, but Ace ties him up with a rope
    Luffy: So Ace, this is where you come to every day!?
    Ace: Shut up
    Sabo: So this is that Luffy guy you were telling me about
    Ace: So you finally came all the way here…. I didn’t even use any path a human could walk through
    Luffy: Are you friend of Ace!? Hey, let’s be friends!
    Sabo: Shut up

    Sabo: That’s why I told you to live here with me!!
    The every day round trip you call the mountain path training really bit you in the ass now!
    What should we do?
    Ace: He knows our secret now…. if we leave him be, he’ll tell someone

    Ace: …. let’s kill him
    Sabo: yeah, let’s
    Luffy: WHAAAAAAT!??

    Sabo holds Luffy’s head down to the ground
    Sabo: Stay quite, you idiot
    Luffy: I didn’t think you guys were gonna kill me!!! Help!!! I don’t wanna die!!!
    Luffy cries and yells
    Ace: Sabo!! Hurry and do it!!
    Sabo: What are you talking about, YOU do it!
    Ace: I’ve never killed a person!!
    Sabo: Neither have I! I don’t know how!!
    Luffy: Heeeellllppp!!!
    Sabo & Ace: SHUT UP!!!!!

    Someone is coming into the forest: Hey, I heard voices from the forest!! Childrens’ voices!!
    Sabo: Damn!! Someone’s coming!
    Ace: Take off the ropes off him first!! We have to get away from here, or they’ll find our treasure!
    Sabo and Ace are panicking, while Luffy looks happy

    A huge man with a sword (and no neck) appears
    Blue Jam Pirates crew Porchemy

    Porschemy: Those kids “Ace and Sabo” you’re telling me about are infamous around here.
    You’re sure it’s “Ace” that took your money, right?
    Crew: Yes… it’s a shame, he got me by surprise
    Porschemy: What a stupid kid. To take money from our crew…!!
    If Captain BlueJam hears about this, he’ll kill both me and you!

    Ace and Sabo are eavesdropping while hiding
    Ace: Damn… that punk was a trader for BlueJam…. I laid my hands on some dangerous cash…!!
    Sabo: He has a real sword!! That’s Porschemy!! That guy is crazy, have you heard of him!?
    He skins alive the head of anyone who loses to him in a battle!!
    Ace: !!?

    Sabo notices Luffy is missing from his side
    Sabo: What… where is him!?
    Ace: oh

    Luffy is caught
    Luffy: Leggo of me!! damn you-!
    Ace & Sabo: What is he doing getting caught!!??
    Luffy: Help mne, Ace!!
    Ace: !!? That idiot said my name…!!

    Porschemy: …. did you just say Ace? You know Ace?
    Luffy: He’s my friend!! Oh, but he did try to kill me just now

    Ace: Damn him, he keeps talking!!

    Porschemy: Alright, let me ask you one thing. Today, that kid Ace took our money and ran
    Luffy; !
    Porschemy: Do you happen to know where it is?
    Luffy: ……..!!!

    Sabo: Oh no!! They’re gonna take all our treasures!
    Ace: That idiot better not say a word!!

    Luffy looks away and whistles
    Luffy: I… I… I dunno…..
    Porshecmy: Wow you suck at lying!

    Porschemy: hehe…. if you don’t know, that leaves me no choice….
    Porschemy carries off Luffy
    Porschemy: Heh heh, I’ll make you remember, don’t worry….
    Luffy: Hey what’s that!? Leggo!! Where are you taking me, damn it!!

    Ace & Sabo: ……!!!


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    One piece 583 spoiler disscussion thread.

    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the Spoilers thread.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!

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    This chapter seems pretty cool.

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    O_o sounds like 2-3 chapters packed into 1, awesome

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    Thats a big ass fan fiction.

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