I've destroyed most Megaman series horribly. Back in the days this game ruled over man, it was the game that was talked about most. I'll go through only a few only because I will get carried away.

Megaman X-X6. I wouldn't be able to sum it up in words how good this series is. After X3, X4 brought it to a new level, and from there things got crazy. I will never forget a few bosses throughout this entire series, Frost Walrus, Jet Stingray, pretty much all of X4 is legendary.

X5 was pretty slick, especially the purple blob monster, which was a pain in the ass to kill without a few tries not to mention the Gaea Armor and Falcon armor.

X6 was a bite out of a cheeseburger for me, I loved the armors, the bosses not so much mainly because they were a bit too easy, they sure as hell tried to make it difficult in getting armor parts though. All in all the battle system and equipment was pretty neat and I would've wanted it to be part of Megaman X5.

Playing as Zero was phenomenal. I didn't use X much, but nonetheless he is still a great character to use. I just like swords and sabers and wavy things that kill people.

Moving onto anther Megaman series is "Legends."

Megaman Legends, the very first 3D making of its kind. Talk about shit to do in that game. Upgrading buster parts, using a walkie talkie, talking save point health and energy restore monkey, jeez. The thing I appreciate most about this game is that the story is stretched evenly across the entire game. Though more could've been done to make this game a little longer because being on one island wasn't any much fun and made the game feel limited.

Megaman Legends 2 was a step up from the first. More bosses, wider areas, and a much much deeper story line that was both fun and amazing. Some parts of this game did creep me out and the puzzles took a little time for me to figure out when I first played. The bosses and little mini games were a big riot. I did not want this game to end at all, but I feel the game was missing something compared to the first, still don't know what it is, it's just a feeling.

Megaman 8? Damn this game was real funny to play, the bosses were braintards though.

As you can see some are missing. What happened to Megaman X7 and X8? NT Warrior? What about the new Megaman games out? My answer is I don't care about them. They all ruined it for me, thus I don't play these games that are fitted for todays kids. I'm old school, can't beat the classics. Especially those classics that many games now try to copy off of.

That's it for now, but yeah that's my intake .