what animes did you hate, until you actualy watched them?

Like.. I hate this because the main character looks dumb; or because the name sounds stupid. Then you watch it.. and you realy love it.

I find this happening to me alot.. but then.. I have alot of hate. To bad Iv been proved wrong so many times...

- Naruto.

not because Im one of those retards who hate it because its too 'commercial'; but because I found a bout 4 chapters of it in a shonen jump magazine, and it was in the middle of an arc.. and I read it... and suprisingly it didn't make sense to me. So I decided it was stupid.

Then I saw the first few episodes of the dub on telly and thought Id give it another shot. lol.

- Howls Moving Castle

.. The cover had a picture of an old lady on it.. who wants to watch a movie about old ladies???

- Tsubasa

I had tried xxxHolic and didn't like it.. Naturaly Id assume that this was crap aswell.

- Card Captor Sakura

the name is stupid.

- Kodomo No Omacha

Actualy, I had never heard of this before I read the manga.. I found it when I was looking at random shojos... But its a good think I hadn't ever heard of it before because I would have hated the summary. It sounds sooo cliche

- Vampire Knight

read the summary because I like vampires.. but it sounded lame. Eventualy decided to give it a go.. my love of vampires over rided my dislike of the summary.

- Neon Genesis Evangelion

Not a fan of Sci Fi..

- Romeo x Juliet

This sounded stupid aswell.. watched it out of curiosity tho.. and was strangely interested... for about 10 episodes. Then I got bored. Still.. better then I expected.