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    i used to hate one piece cause i found luffys power i still hate luffy but i like one piece since my favourite anime character is mihawk and this the main reason that i m watching it and i also like the whole plot now

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    i didnt hate it but a few people i knew raved about Full Metal Alchemist and it put me off a bit so i left till the hype around me went down and watched it at my time. wow i am glad as it kick ass

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    When i first seen BECK i thought it was pretty lame, in fact it was lame until the end, but at the end thinking back on it, it had to be one of the best animes I ever seen.

    -Pimp smacks halaros536-
    How dare you say that about luffy!

    now thats outa the way, another one was for sure Hajime no Ippo, man i hated this when i first seen it, bad animation, characters look horribly drawn, yet after i got over that its turned out to be quite the fun watch.

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    at first i tought death note looked boring but when i read the fist manga pocket it looked interesting and when i read the third pocket i startet loving it

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    I thought Bleach was pretty stupid too because of the name!!! What kind of name is Bleach for an anime?

    Anyway, needless to say, I tried it out and have been hooked ever since.

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