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    well intrinsically i didnt liked Gantz,
    but i started to like the Manga...
    but now... i dont even like the manga anymore...

    and naruto... i just didnt like the appearance of the protagonist (naruto)...
    an little punk with clothes from Walmart as an ninja?!
    well then i accidentally saw it on tv...
    and i started to like it...
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    I dare you
    well, basically every anime i watched o.o, D.Gray-Man, naruto, one piece, bleach, fullmetal alchemist, Death note, and more

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    i didnt like scryed..but it ended up beeeeeeeeeing reallllly good..and bleach too i made fun of it when my bro watched it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
    i didnt like scryed..but it ended up beeeeeeeeeing reallllly good..and bleach too i made fun of it when my bro watched it
    You know what, when I first watched the OP i didn't care much for it either...but it really did grow on me and quickly too...though I never much liked the OP's/ED's


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    It was just the opposite with me, really. I read Death Note, I liked it, wanted to watch... but the anime bored me to no end.
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    death note boared me too
    first i did'nt like bleach but now i do

    unlike yall naruto is a part time thing i write this stuff when im board.

    yall gonna hear from me like once every other week.

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    One Piece

    I thought it was gay and the main character sucked at fighting and had lame techniques. I also thought it had a good story. To be honest, i can't remember other things i thought of it but now i've watched it and it is number 1 in my manga/anime list.

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    code geass, i really didnt want to start and i didnt like the mecha designs cause im biased towards gundam but it grew on me and now i like it

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    i've posted here before, but i just remembered about gundam00 and geass...

    i've never ever watched any mecha before because well... it's mecha - duh.
    and i have no idea why, but i decided to watch geass (the only reason i could come up w/ is because i saw a screencap on crunchyroll and lelouch looked hot.) found the story INCREDIBLY amazing - evn tho i'd have to say i still don't like mecha.

    then gundam00, because yun kouga did the character designs, and also since i've watched geass, i decided to give it a try. and it was also pretty amazing.

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    I've had a few that I liked after checking out...

    Gundam Wing - I was never much of a mecha fan, so I never thought I'd like Gundam...but once I figured out the story (and I will say seeing Duo helped as well), I got hooked. While I'm still not too big on mecha anime, I will still watch some of the Gundam anime, just because they tend to have some really badass designs (Deathscythe and Wing Zero from Endless Waltz FTW!)
    On a side note, I've gotten addicted to all things SD Gundam. I never thought a mech could be so... ADORABLE XD Chibi Gundams rock. I have a small SD Gundam figurine army

    Full Metal Panic - Still was a bit reluctant to watch mecha anime, but once again was pleasantly surprised at its awesomeness. The characters were great, and it was really funny at times.

    Ouran High School Host Club - I originally thought this series was shonen-ai, from pics I'd seen, and wrote it off since I dislike that genre. Thankfully one of my friends told me otherwise (she had to explain a lot of stuff) and afterwards I thought the manga concept sounded histerical and immediately went about watching the anime, and loved it. I'm reading the manga now.

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