On the Hell topic, what exactly is it? Is HM hell? or is it a totally different place?

So when good people die or when they turn into hollows and die then they go to SS.

But when bad people die they go to Hell.

SS has the Gotei 13 to govern over the good souls, so im guessing Hell has a similar group governing over the bad ones? Maybe they are evil souls too?

But then what is HM? Id let it go more if there were both Shinigami and Hollows living there but it seems to be predominantly hollow there. So SS has predominantly Shinigami and ruled by Gotei 13, then HM which is predominantly Hollow (probably all bad because none have the "pretty lights going to SS" animation when they die) must be hell right? And HM has a Gotei 13 counterpart?

idk...I just hope Hell is explained in an arc one day, seems so interesting down there, much less faggotry and nice-ities...