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    Oh, nvm my last post. I think I get what Aizen was saying now. He wasn't saying Ichigo took Rukia's powers because of the Hougyoku, but she didn't get them back like she was supposed to because it was obeying her guilty desires. Thus why she got her powers back after it was removed. That makes sense.

    I now think that if Urahara did indeed not know what the hougyoku's true powers were the first time he used it, which seems highly unlikely he could create something and not know exactly what it does, he for sure figured it out after seeing the effects of it on Rukia, Chad and Orihime.

    It kind of makes Urahara out to be stupid if it is true that he did not know the hougyoku's real powers even after using it on the Vaizards. Think about what Aizen was saying, that if the hougyoku's only powers were to blur the line between shinigami and hollow, then it should not have worked on Shinji and company because at least two of them were already full blown hollows by then. They would have become arrancars, not vaizards. It definitely seems like Kisuke should have picked up on that.

    I personally don't see any way that Kisuke could possibly have missed that, and thus he is much more sinister(or at least devious) than we have been led to believe.
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