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    Quote Originally Posted by BabiiAdaa View Post
    Why's everyone giving up or close to it? Something's suppose to happen in chapter 284.
    Sadly.. 283 + Grimmjow powers up = 284

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    It finally looks like its over and grimmjow powers up.

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    Hopefully it is over, and they do more than throw attacks back and forth. I'm not sure how many more panels of generic clashing and facial expressions I can stand before I stop reading.

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    guys u do realize that Kubo knows that SS Arc and HM arc are similiar just characters switched places. I think that because Rukia said she knew how Inoue felt.

    Still praying ichi vs. GJ ends this chapter!<------Man thats starting to get repetitive. >_<

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    i agree this is freekishly slow... they have good artworks and themes i agree but pick up the pace plz!!

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    Kubo Tite presented a lot of characters which a lot of misteries behind them (all the shinigamis, all the bad guys, all the vizards, etc) and a lot of misteries about shinigami's powers... and then he just went slowly developing only the main character misteries and doing the fights really slow too...

    That's why I dropped Bleach three chapters ago. I'll retake it when it gets more interesting...

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    k as a week by week manga it is prettty dam slow. now if you got all in bulk/ volumes and read it all in one sitting or however much time you wanna devote to it then its pretty good.

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    Yeah, I lost all my fhapters for a while and when I decided to redownload them all, I also decided to reread them all since it had been a few months and the fight scenes are somewhat more enjoyable when reading in bulk. Week by week though it isn't leaving a lot of room for story development


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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