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    I keep forgetting about the war, but you're right, the Winter War is gunna own up, most likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sushi View Post
    I keep forgetting about the war, but you're right, the Winter War is gunna own up, most likely.
    I want to see the rest of captains bankai... hopefully that happens eventually

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    Yea it is slow and it sucks waiting every week for a chapter.

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    whenever there's something dramatic going on in manga or anime i always feel that it develops way too slow... like right now in DGM where the recent chapter is mostly lavi running away from evil black tyki...(still, it develops a hella lot faster than bleach)

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    True, it's so slow. The fighting scene is dragged too long. No new story development. It would look good on anime, but seeing it in manga is just so boring T_T

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    I agree it went downhill.
    In my opinion since they entered Hueco Mundo.

    I think I hate the decor most of all.
    Maybe it's me, but I've never seen so much white in one manga-series.
    I'm also not very fond of all the minor villains. The Espada, OK, but then those guys who were kicked out of the Espade but are still powerfull...They can really keep this going for a while.

    And I kinda miss Ichi's dad.

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    It's true that Bleach is super slow. It's mainly the fights that lasts too long. Ichigo vs Grimmjaw's fight lasted what, 5-6 chapters or so? and it still hasn't ended yet. Normally, I wouldn't have minded BUT all I see is sword flying and pointless comments. All the other mangas are far faster.

    :offtopic, how the **** (sorry) does Orihime's cheer suddenly give Ichigo his boost of power? OFFTOPIC end.

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    In my opinion, the fights would be a hell of a lot more interesting (no matter the length) if 1- the choreography was better and 2- Kubo Tite didn't rely so much on plot-sensitive strength. Whoever wins the fights either explodes their reiatsu harder (everybody), or suddenly remembers their reason for fighting (Ichigo), or in PSYCHOTICALLY RARE INSTANCES, actually goes through the paces and makes a strategic win (Kenpachi).

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    Eh, I've got nothing to really say in the matter. I kinda like Bleach back when it was in the Soul Society arc, but I think Kubo's just getting bored now with the fight himself.
    Excuse me, may I see yo panties?

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    you can hardly say it's developing at all

    all that has happened so far is a girl gets taken away and everybody sees that as an excuse to go on rampaging XD

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