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Thread: Filler

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    the fillers amuse me. some are funny, but some are just like.. "wtf, where did that come from"

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    Bleach in general is starting to disappoint me.

    The anime's a nice change every once in a while; everything's in color, there's voices, and now there's fillers. So then I go to the reliable manga, and oh look! he's still fighting grimmjow. -_-

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    Yes damn it, Bleach had better redeem itself quickly before everyone disowns it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyperactivebrat View Post
    the fillers amuse me. some are funny, but some are just like.. "wtf, where did that come from"
    I agree, sometimes there are episodes that is not even worth watching lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vizard View Post
    Filler suck, but they are neaded to let the Manga go on.
    LOL !!
    The only anime where I really like fillers and only because they are less and wise used are ONE PIECE FILLER.

    For example at this time where the anime is really near to the actual arc of the manga, they used a summerbreak and some filler eps for a short time to let the manga go ahead.

    But Bleach just had about 20 Episodes of storyline and now there continueing this laim fillers. That sucks. Also the manga is far far away from the actual anime. They would need more than 50 Episodes to reach the manga and so it's at least 1 year ahead of the anime.

    For me its just about money or coz its funny for them to let us wait.

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    i haven't watched the bount arc yet, so i can't tell.
    But i like the -1 ep- fillers. toshiro, ikkaku, yumichika ...
    those were nice to relax a little, switch off your brain and just watch. :cool

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    On dattebayo's episode 136 sub they put in "Dear Bounto, We are sorry. Please come back."

    i laughed my butt off, hehe

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    the bount arc was a damn decent filler arc, but yeah the latest was just terrible

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    The latest fillers suck compared to the bount ones, I was annoyed with the bount ones for a while, but for me I eventually got used to them, but with these fillers the more they show them the more annoyed I get, to sum up these fillers in one word, they're just wrong.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    The Bounto fillers were quite decent comparing to the latest ones, yes. I actually enjoyed them when they fought the Captains (Especially Kariya - Byakuya) in Soul Society. Ah well, atleast the fillers are coming to an end next week with episode 138. Ichigo vs. Grimmjow part II...Or first, whatever xD

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