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    Aizen wants to be human?

    hahahahahaha j/k

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    great chapter to me, i love seein gin get some action. his bankai is amazing...people forget he is a genius too so its good to see how his mind works. im thinkin now aizen wont be hollowfied he will become more like ichigo. and of course urahara has done it still waiting on my man to come out of hiding.

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    - Ichigo's ability to read fighting styles is almost as good as Aizen ability to see through things give it another 100 years and who knows how powerful Ichigo will become.

    - I wonder if Ichigo will use his Vizard mask just to increase his speed to avoid Gin's stabbing speed.

    - Also Isshin's shingami uniform seems to have rips and holes in it suggesting he might not be at full strength like Ichigo's bankai uniform.

    - The fact Isshin was able to push Aizen to his limits says quite a bit how strong he must be. Aizen the guy who stops Bankai's with his bare hands and 1 shotted half of the gotei 13 is pushed to his limits?

    Now Aizen is forced into using haxs...

    /load cube hax

    /load plotkai

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    Isshin isn't even fighting with his shikai so its not like loading Haxx will change the equation yet....

    I do like Gin's comments about Zangetsu and Ichigo. Gin is probably the only Captain who hasn't underestimated Ichigo's abilities....

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    I just dont understand Bleach anymore. Noone main cept Gin has a problem releasing their Bankais.

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    Its not that he has a problem releasing his bankai, he is still in bankai, he hasn't left it. Ichigo thinks he left bankai because Gin's zanpakuto returned to its shorter length. Gin is still in bankai, its no difficulty for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marik View Post

    And it's actually funny, cause just a week ago, people were saying how much it sucks....guess some of them are just like the wind...going with whatever direction it blows
    Or maybe people just change their minds based on the information available at the time...

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    Some people have considered the possibility that aizen won't be the final villain. That has been utterly absurd until the more recent chapters. Aizen has mentioned a couple of times "the will of the hougyoku". WTH is up with that? How can a tiny little manmade ball have a will of its own? More importantly, why in the world would Aizen listen to what this little ball is telling him? Aizen, who does not trust and does not care is suddenly acting in a very uncharacteristic way. Now, the case might be that the orb is actually submitted to him but it is still strange. His attitude with the orb basically borderlines actual trust. Just to add to this part, the title of the current chapters has been deicide. This can mean 1 of 2 things. First, aizen as a whole is dying or at least changing sufficiently for the guy to not be worth thinking as aizen anymore. Second, aizen actually succeeds to a great extent in becoming the king. If aizen does die -or change- he could potentially be replaced by the will which moves the hougyoku. Only reason I find that unlikely is that too much of the story revolves around aizen, dunno if it is a good thing for his relevance to disappear so suddenly.

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    Epic chapter. Gin has instantly become my favorite Captain EVER.

    Also, anyone else notice that Aizen seemed to be missing an arm in the last panel?

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    Nice Chapter, Rated somewhere between good and excellent

    I'll just repost what I posted in the spoiler section.

    anyways, glad Gin's bankai is at least fast. Speed of sound is 768 mph (1236 kph), so his bankai's speed at 500 times the speed of sound is 384,000 mph (618,000 kph). That equates to 171.7 kilometers per second, so if his bankai's reach is 13 kilometers, then it can cover that distance in 0.075 seconds.

    Would've been funny if the bankai traveled at 10 mph, Gin would be like, "just wait it's coming, don't move from that spot"
    Aizen got a Cube inside him...........................
    Aizen got a Cube in....................................
    Aizen got a Cube i..................................
    Aizen got a Kyubi..........................

    That explains where he's been getting all that power from. There is still more available to him in the form of the Jyubi. LOL. :p

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