To help divide official discussion and theoretical discussion, and make the Naruto forums more bearable to read through, we've opened a sub-forum for all your theories!

There will be less moderation in what we consider to be a "dumb, pointless thread" in that forum, but keep in mind that we will still trash threads that add no real point of discussion to the forum.

Back up your theories with evidence and try and make them interesting!

Flaming will not be tolerated, as with all our forums. We realize that people can get pretty caught up in debates over theories since what seems logical to one person might seem totally off the wall to another. Heated discussions are great, but don't cross the line.

Here's an example of this rule:

BAD! The following will get you infracted or suspended from the forum.

[Some guy's theory in quotes]

That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. First of all, learn to spell, your grammar is horrible!, if you had any form of education you'd realize the stupidity of everything you just typed.

GOOD! We encourage posts like the following.

[Some guy's theory in quotes]

I completely disagree with your evidence and don't see how it realistically applies to the theory at all. Here's why it doesn't work out... [etc]


You'll notice that the good post didn't insult the member's grammar. Not everyone on the internet is a native English speaker, so you have to get over a few typos and poorly constructed sentences when browsing it. It also contained no personal attacks, it replied with counter-evidence suggesting that the theory wasn't very good. Constructive replies go a long way to an enjoyable debate over the issue.

Have fun!