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It was left ambiguous as to exactly how many Bijuu the 1st had under his control before he distributed them across the Narutoverse. But using simple math, he had at least 5 for sure under his control back then. We just don't know if the 1st distributed them before or after the fight with Madara. I'm gonna assume they were handed out before the fight occurred though. If Madara was smart back then, that would have been the best time to initiate an attack on Konoha.

I don't think it was stated anywhere in the manga that the 1st kept 2 Bijuu under his control. But I would assume that he would have at least kept the Kyuubi for Konoha (if the Kyuubi was one of the Bijuu he had in his possession).
It did said that, just can't find it anywhere going to have to read the whole manga all over again, gimme 3 days to find it.