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    How did the 1st Hokage defeat Uchiha Madara?

    There's a lot mystery regarding this fight, so I just thought I'd share my thoughts on this fight.

    A DETAILED flashback is required to know how this fight went down. I think a movie on this these two clans would BE PREFECT.

    There are few things I noticed about this battle and the pages leading up to the page we saw (Madara x Fox) vs Hashirama.

    The thing I wondered about this fight is why did Madara even summon/call the fox to the fight?

    Based from the flashback pages it was made as through Madara and Hashirama were near equals and they have fought many times. So if in fact they were rivals in terms of power that would explain why they survived the many encounters they fought.

    So I reenacted how I think the fight went down.


    Buuj theory

    New Ideas about the first hokages powers and fight run down

    Madara statement regarding his purpose of fighting the first hokage at the valley of the end and its implications.


    Here are other scary notions of what Hashirama had to deal with, the Fox had hes FULL powers this was before the Forth sealed half of the Fox's chakra and we all know what 6-8 tails can do from Naruto. Also as stated by Itachi when you gain EMS you get a NEW technique. And based from the sharingan techniques we've seen already it's most likely another bullshit technique. Pretty astounding stuff.

    Again please remember this is just SPECULATION. Thanks to the recent information about the fox I was able to think up of decent reenactment of the fight.

    Amongst all the mystery lying around this fight one thing has been answered about the degree of control the first hokage has over the tailed beasts. The first hokage could not control the fox's mind to order it around like Madara does via the sharingan. He could only suppress it's chakra and therefore he needed it in a person to control it completely to help him and konoha in the future (Like what Naruto does for Konoha now), otherwise why would he need Mito to seal the fox in within herself if he could control the fox like Madara.
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