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    Pretty good chapter. Gins Bankai is interesting, but didn't impress me to the point of the others. Hopefully next weeks is a little better.
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    Gin's bankai can't be just extension. Doesn't a bankai increase your reiatsu 10 x or something? Its got to have more to it than that, maybe it can sprout more blades or something lol
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    I agree with you leat, i just doubt that kubo will openly say that ichigo is a genius. I mean, he could.. I just dont see there being any reason to say that he is a genius like gin and hitsuguya.. I think he should, personally.. because he is a genius in fighting. He sucks at reiatsu control though, and cant use kidoh, so i doubt anyone would call him a shinigami genius because you should be good at those 2 things, too. Although, gin is more of a combat specialist, from what we've seen.

    But i mean, one might say he isnt a genius/prodigy because he was born into a great strength family (isshin) and was set-up to become a great strength (by aizen) so he really couldnt be considered a true genius. I mean, werent byukuya and yoruichi geniuses, too? But noone ever called them that because they were born into great families so it was to be expected. Personally, i wouldnt consider those reasons to not call someone a genius, though.. but someone else might.

    I mean, wouldnt all captains be considered prodigies, though? Or are they referring to the term child prodigy? Im guessing only child prodigies, so that would mean all the other captains werent extremely skilled when young, but became strong later? Or has kubo just not bothered to mention this seeing as there isnt a big reason to mention something like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faizaud View Post
    Not so sure about that part...
    Meant and. lol
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    Doesn't Gins bankai reminds you of Orochimarus Kusanagi sword?

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