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    Damn... What a disappointing bankai. I hope there's more to Gin than this...

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    It's not thaaaaat bad, Give his shikai a spin, go into bankai in an instant and it still spins with the momentum from before, then revert back to normal size all in a short time frame, could be useful.

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    Srsly, his bankai was so obvious, I didn't even expect it. Byakuya, Amagai, and komamura were the only other captains with Bankais that straight forward. Byakuya has 2 "other" levels of Bankai and Armagai was a filler character and a new Captain, while Komamura just sucks. I expect better from Gin. I'm hopping he pulls a Byakuya and shows another level of his Bankai.

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    I didn't really understand the whole bankai stopping another bankai statement ichigo made, can somebody please elaborate. And i will be seriously dissapointed if that is all there is to Gin's bankai, it just grows longer... i knw it is quite an incredible power to have a sword that is 13km long but still, is that all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    only if he is at an elevated level. kinda like the how they stand in the sky, then yes. i think he should be able to
    idk man, thats still 8 miles in distance (for americans), I doubt anyone can see that far, especially a human being. Building, sure but human, nah.

    Overall though his bankai might be one of the most destructive, right there with Ryuujin jakka. In Shikai Ryuuji Jakka could blow up more than an entire city 1 mile/1 mile big. Gin's Bankai can cut down everything in an 8 mile radius, which means in a 16 mile diameter he could cut everything to the floor... thats huge.

    Only thing I wished was that it looked a little different.

    I think the next development in his bankai is going to be something like increasing its size of weight, can't be just length anymore.

    Or maybe hes going to do something to increase its cutting edge, maybe add an element to it or something...
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    i think grimjow put it the best, "so is that all there is to a bankai" i know he said it to ichigo but it applies here lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    I didn't really understand the whole bankai stopping another bankai statement ichigo made, can somebody please elaborate.
    He just meant, "Did you think your bankai couldn't be blocked?" But he said it in a way that reminded Gin that he also was using his bankai... Then Getsuga Tenshou'd him.... It's wasn't a really deep statement.

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    I guess I was expecting a little bit more from Gin.

    PS: So, does this mean the pillars that were protecting KTown are gone now? I mean he did slice a bunch of buildings and the pillars shouldnt be that far away

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    ^lol great observation. Ichigo was able to stopped gin so it wasn't a full swing yet. but if ever gin do a full 360 degree swing it should take the pillars out

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    20 bucks Gin loses within the next 2 chapters. BETS?

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