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    Suikoden III- Game based Manga

    So, the other day, I went to a friend's house for a small party. There was four of us and we all decided that, for the fun of it, we wanted to dub over a manga just for laughs. It ended up being hilarious fun and sounded like a commentary more than anything but the manga we chose was Suikoden 3.

    Now, I've played the game which was reaaally fun and probably my favorite Suikoden but I'd never had the chance to read the manga. What I like is how they go into detail about some things that aren't exactly shown in the game and it's a bit more graphic (people bleed when they're sliced open, unlike the game where they are hit with mystery wounds that are apparently fatal) and yet some things are a bit left out. It's kinda an even balance between more detail and less detail so you're pretty much getting the same amount of information.

    Overall, I decided it was a pretty good rendition of the game and it's by a favorite artist of mine so that's a plus. I recommend it but mostly to those who've played the game already since some parts seem as though you were expected to have played before reading.

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    Has anybody here had a chance to read these? i can not able to cover set of volumes 1-9 at a local used bookstore, and I have been very pleased with Shimizu Aki's beautiful artwork and storytelling. so as long it appear so long different then manga.
    Any one gives the ratings of the Suikoden III manga.
    Have there been manga adaptations of any of the other Suikoden games?

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    I don't believe there are any other manga adaptions of other any other suikoden games. However, I really enjoy the Suikoden 3 manga because, like the game, it follows three different groups with a healthy distribution and it's really interesting and beautiful

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