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To be fair, chomio is talking about the tracker which is a different spam matter entirely.

Now, now, jumping to such unfounded conclusions isn't exactly fair to our administrators. They do what they can. As for your idea of implementing a captcha system, that would depend on how its implemented. I personally find captchas annoying and quite frankly useless as there are ways around them. Then there's the idea of implementing a minimum number of posts before being able to create a thread. While sound in theory this does nothing to stop spamming in the introduction section, which we would have to leave able to be posted in by everyone, as well as not stopping spamming in other threads. At this point in time though it's easier to simply delete threads they start because they are more prominent.

This is definitely a good thread and I encourage anyone who has any ideas for solutions to share them.

Also, I am the greatest spam buster on the face of this planet. <3



First let me express sincerely that I have no desire/wish to antagonize or criticize any of you Admin guys, but if I were jumping to conclusions, isn't that being fueled by the lack of action on your (plural) parts as administrators?

This spamming matter has been going on for a very long time, long enough time for something to have been done, however as far as anyone can see, absolutely nothing is being done besides the poor Mods desperately trying to keep up with the Spammers (Status Quo).

Frankly, we are not the only site on the internet that has to fend off spammers, but I personally have never ever seen another site (that I personally visit) that makes no attempt to enact some automated spam filtering mechanism unlike us here.

There is nothing wrong with Captchas and nothing wrong with limiting new users to say 5 posts before they can start threads. In fact I dare say that surfers today practically understand the need for this, and they even perhaps expect to see it.

I can't help the feeling that this site is facing a decline, with probably fewer members logging on or members/users staying for shorter and shorter lengths of time. When people come here, and all they see is wall to wall spam, they'll leave. If this happens frequently enough they might just stop coming except on Tuesday/Wednesday when new mangas are released. Many of them will simply find other sites.

In short, there has been more than enough time to deliberate. Let's do something, let's do it real soon.