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    Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 The Lost Tower

    Yea Yea I know the 3rd movie has not even been fansubbed yet but its almost summer so another Naruto movie is on the way and this one has something to do with Minato.

    Release: July 31st

    "Naruto crosses through space and time, and the one he meets is the Fourth Hokage - Namikaze Minato

    The Naruto who has consumed [lit. "swallowed"] the Dragon Pulse's* light.
    That which is reflected in the awoken Naruto is the Fourth

    Now, we are fighting together, right?"

    New picture:

    ]Old Trailers

    Subtitled Trailer

    2 Minute Preview

    New Trailers

    Trailer 2

    Subbed Trailer

    Thats all the info for now .....
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