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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I don't think it's confirmed.

    Point is: If Edo tensei was Tobirama's Jutsu, then as former Hokage it is likely that he passed on his knowledge in some Tome that is handed to succeeding Hokages, hence the idea of it being in the forbidden scroll.

    Even if it is not in the "forbidden scroll" per se, it still could be in some other script. Afterall, Orochimaru did not invent it, Tobirama did.
    Exactly.. some pages before, someone said that the dead demon seal could be written inside the forbidden scroll and that Naruto could learn how to use it.

    Thats why I said;
    IF The Dead Demon Seal was written in the " forbidden " scroll, then why didn't Orochimaru knew about it?? ( assuming that Edo Tensei was written inside this scroll,.. don't understand me wrong )
    - Sarutobi knew about it, so I think that Yondaime just showed him which hand seals he must perform for bringing up the dead demon seal.

    I still think that " that jutsu " is related to the kyuubi and not the dead demon seal. Naruto needs a power for fighting Madara, Sasuke, Simple EMS..
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