What if the finger flick was actually a booger!?! How awesome would that be! Plus I can actually see Isshin doing something like that lol.

Excited for the next chapter for sure. I hope Gin's Bankai is like a full body armor or something (I know, random, but I still think it would be cool to see) or an actual spear.

I have a feeling Urahara went in to HM to save those 3 and to show Mayuri a better way to open Garunda and make him all mad. Tessai is saving everyone who was injured, gathering them and protecting them with a barrier while Unohana heals everyone one time with a massive technique or something.

Id like to see more from Ginta and Ururu though. Urahara created them to be anti shinigami mod souls but they haven't really shown much yet. But if it took Tessai and Urahara to stop her from killing Ichigo then Ururu at least must be impressive.