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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonfang View Post
    wtf Isshin finger flicked the most overpowered villain form bleach and he was blown away.
    this dude really is the bomb.
    I agree with you. Looks crazy how only his finger or spirit pressure blew Aizen that far back. I sure hope it moved him and not just blew up buildings due to the pressure. Wish story moved a little more.

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    OMG!! Isshin did more damage than Yama... What a powerfull finger. ahahahah
    Probaly it was some reiatsu that made "wind bullet".
    I was thinking:" Gin has a hollow form too? "
    If he does, he wouldn´t be so naive like the "bug man".

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    this chapter was epic. Isshin is BOSS 5/5


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    Awesome, Isshin u freaking rule. It was good to see them go back to the father son humor thing again, and ichigo has really matured. And that move isshin used was awesome, and it was kinda of like a big F**K you to aizen.
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    Awesome chapter, as expected we had a lot of humor from Isshin/Ichigo. No Isshin backstory yet, but it obvious that he is a MIGHTY badass.

    I am excited to see Ichigo and Gin fight, and too see Gin's bankai. It looks like that bleach is back on a roll now, hopefully Kubo keeps this goodness up for a while.

    Oh and Kubo is a scrub for screwing up that line from Aizen about Ichigo being half human half shinigami. I think he did it on purpose to add to the hype of this chapter lol.

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    good chapter. Isshin just flick aizen while yama used a level 90+ hadou and it didn't even give aizen any serious injury wtf. maybe isshin is a royal guard once... and does isshin under the influence of kyouka suigetsu?

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    I cant believe Tite messed up lol, talk about a froidien slip and no one at jump caught that. Human and a Shinigami
    Anyway amazing chapter and Ichigo shows maturity and so has the story line. Isshin knew Aizen so we may assume he has been put under the swords spell before, but hes so powerful it wont even matter
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    maybe aizen was just creating an illusion of him getting blown away by isshins flick?

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    anyone else let out a loud gasp whilst simultaneously smiling broadly when gin said bankai? >

    also, yay for character development! its been a while bleach. its been a while.
    I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.

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    Isshin seems very strong,
    but the best thing in the chapter was
    Gin going Bankai,cant wait to see it

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