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    One Piece No One Piece this week (9/12)

    At least we'll have a One Piece cover and a color page for the chapter 471 in the next week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Himajin
    WSJ Issue 42 (yes, this week's)

    金玉(表紙+関東カラー) Gintama (Cover & Color)
    ぬるP Naruto
    愛汁 EYESHIELD 21
    りぼん REBORN!
    鰤 BLEACH
    とらぶる(Cカラー) To-LOVE-ru
    勇者1 Yusha No.1
    うさぎ Usagi
    ドラキュラ君と天使(読みきり)Dracula-kun (One Shot)
    勇者2 Yusha No.2
    テニス(Cカラー) Prince of Tennis
    M0 Mx0
    ○○○ Neuro
    こち亀 Kochikame
    P2 P2! Let's Play Pingpong
    ムヒョ Muyho to Rosie
    ベル Belmonde Le Visiteu
    なんとかなんとか SKET Dance
    ジャガー Jaguar

    お休み:わんぴ ← Absent: One Piece

    WSJ #43
    関東カラー+表紙 わんぴ - One Piece Color + Cover
    Cカラー ○○○・P2・ジャガー(巻末カラー)・ロザリオとバンパイア Color P - Neuro - P2 - Jaguar - Rozario the Vampire
    Btw, you can see the cover of the WSJ #42 here.
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    damn it!

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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Why, Oda... WHYYYYY!? T_T
    Repeat this after me: I will never take on a god AGAIN! -Omega Rugal KOF '98

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    This is bad, first no D. Gray Man for a number of weeks now I have to do without One Piece for a week...I hope the next issue is worth the wait (given One Piece's track record it should be)


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    Imagine being a mangaka that have to do a whole chapter (I know they have people who help them, but it's still tough) every new week... I would never enjoy working that way. I hope Oda enjoys his break, he deserves it

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    blast it, One Piece is right in the middle of a climax while bleach just sits around and naruto gives away more plot but with nothing awesome happening, can't wait to see who and how takes down oz.

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    Its obvious Luffy will go all Gear Third on Oz and Obliterate him

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    hmm...they're bribing us with the colored-page..XD
    "thy will be done"

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    Yay Colored Pages, Sounds interesting, They make us wait a whole week, yet we have colored pages that they give us to stare at for 10 seconds max, unless you like to analyze for hours. ITS WORTH THE WAIT! Some might say >_>
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