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    One Piece No One Piece this week (9/12)

    At least we'll have a One Piece cover and a color page for the chapter 471 in the next week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Himajin
    WSJ Issue 42 (yes, this week's)

    金玉(表紙+関東カラー) Gintama (Cover & Color)
    ぬるP Naruto
    愛汁 EYESHIELD 21
    りぼん REBORN!
    鰤 BLEACH
    とらぶる(Cカラー) To-LOVE-ru
    勇者1 Yusha No.1
    うさぎ Usagi
    ドラキュラ君と天使(読みきり)Dracula-kun (One Shot)
    勇者2 Yusha No.2
    テニス(Cカラー) Prince of Tennis
    M0 Mx0
    ○○○ Neuro
    こち亀 Kochikame
    P2 P2! Let's Play Pingpong
    ムヒョ Muyho to Rosie
    ベル Belmonde Le Visiteu
    なんとかなんとか SKET Dance
    ジャガー Jaguar

    お休み:わんぴ ← Absent: One Piece

    WSJ #43
    関東カラー+表紙 わんぴ - One Piece Color + Cover
    Cカラー ○○○・P2・ジャガー(巻末カラー)・ロザリオとバンパイア Color P - Neuro - P2 - Jaguar - Rozario the Vampire
    Btw, you can see the cover of the WSJ #42 here.
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