i brought this up at the beginning of the last arc (ichigo saving inoue from hueco mondo) and alot of people disagreed with me. Alot of people seem to think that unohana is some super powerful captain, even going as far as sayign she is one of the strongest captains - but now in all three arcs (soul society rescue, hueco mundo rescue, aizen attacks karakura) unohana has done absolutely nothing, NOTHING,

ok she has good deductive skills and is a great healer but thats her limit, in terms of fighting id be surprised if she could beat grimjow, look i dont mean to go on about how much i hate unohana, i dont hate her its just i hate the idea that so many people are waiting for her to save the day but that day will never come, hence the question i pose is...
...are you guys still waiting for unohana to save the day?

(and please dont mention the databook,its fan made enit so holds no value)