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    Real Nigga Sir Chaos's Avatar
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    The last 2 pages made the chapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Chaos View Post
    The last 2 pages made the chapter.

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    Hater of Hitsugaya ablock's Avatar
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    The ending was like "Oh s#@t.."

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    pirate hunter arisart's Avatar
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    Very interesting chap.. Aizen was split into two but of course he will survive that. Now that his condom armor is starting to break I wonder what will be his final form...hmmnn

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    Last 2 pages was EPIC. I Heard getsuga, i taught holy S***. I guess this whole attack type is a bloodline kind of thing. And am loving the techniques urahara and yoruichi are busting out. I say go bankai already, and does yoruichi have her zanpaktou hidden somewhere in that tiny dress of hers

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    If I told u I would have to kill u.....upps I just did, so, BEWARE OF THE DOG
    ^^ I know right......'-', Nice edge at the end, i know i didn't saw that one coming.....

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    getsuga tenshou.. but hes not even in shikai mode, right? I guess he could be, but we havent seen the release, i believe.. Pretty interesting.. I wonder if his zan is similar to ichigos zangetsu... as in its like a man..

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    GAI SENSEI 4 HOKAGE bankai's Avatar
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    chapter went by to fast.. it was on ok/ good chpater. but aizen will be ok. the last attack did not do that much harm to him. next chapter better be better


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    Senior Member SquadZero's Avatar
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    getsuga tensho...its the new kamehameha wave...

    I really want to see Isshin's shikai and bankai releases now...

    Urahara's Benehime has some sick abilities, its a shame that we are seeing them for the first time wasted on frickin Aizen.

    I wonder if Yourichi even has a zanpakuto anymore, I forget what I seen, but something I saw while rereading bleach made me think that she left it when she helped Urahara escape and that SoiFong now holds it. that would suck if true.

    It would be cool if her zanpakuto were actually her hairband that was actually a garrote. I could not think of a better shikai for Yoruichi than a garrote with some crazy-ass assassination ability. It would explain why we never see her wearing a sword and fits her character nicely.

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