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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    Don't you guys get even a little bit weirded out by your own pervy-ness over a drawn female character???

    She better not be ranked thats all I'z gotz to say, plus if she does end Noitora I hope its not so weak like how the translation said it was a sent back Cero ._. Cero is being used too much now-a-days and its losing all effect as a high level attack, even though they are all Adjuchas and stuff, still you don't see all the Shinigami using their high level kidou attacks every time...
    i agree, Cero is being overused.
    Quote Originally Posted by CiTo_Uchiha View Post
    Kishi says:

    Uchiha = God

    Uzumaki = Shit

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    Damn, I just realized that it's gonna be another fight.

    I want storylinei development!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendoki View Post
    Am I the only one who's rooting for Noitora? =/

    im rooting for die


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    Wow that's pathetic, 7 lines summing up a chapter?

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    I honestly don't care as long as I see that punk Noitora get smacked around. He's the kinda character I can't stand, "Oh I'm gonna show the world that I'm the strongest Espada. So I only attack people who are already tired from fighting other dudes. Yes I'm really really strong ". From now on I will consider Noitora....The Vulture. There....

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    I can actually see Noitora releasing into a Vulture.

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    i see him more as a snake....

    made by [DFX]
    Quote Originally Posted by DFX View Post
    you got me what I always wanted \o/
    you're now my favorite person.
    jaeger makes the internet go round

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoLifeKing1331 View Post
    can anyone post a pic of that number!?!?! I trust the translation but I want to see that beautiful indication of the pwnage to come!! =)
    no prob a m8 just gave this to me

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    Is that a really scan or is it just another fake from fans for fans like that time that Noitoria was supposed to be number 2 ?

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