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    In Your Head

    Bleach 397 Discussion / 398 Predictions

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    Senior Member thebulk's Avatar
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    HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HES FINALLY HERE OMFG BLEACH JUST WENT IMBA IN 1 SINGLE CHAPTER YAYAYAYAYA. Ok im too high now to give a proper post but damn ok i can actually believe wat aizen is saying now abt all the battles being planned.

    Come to think of it i do rmb now ishida being surprised that those amount of hollows were being summoned when it only shd have been a few...will probably post another when the excitement dies down i think this finally heralds the start of the next arc?

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    Senior Member Shinhan's Avatar
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    the chapter was meh

    Sig and Ava by Imotochan

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    Rick Rolled iKyubi's Avatar
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    EPIC, ishin looks awesome, same as ichigo's LOLWTF face

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    Full Member Rasengod7's Avatar
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    Trapped in Itachi-san's genjutsu
    Now this is what I have been waiting for. I have been waiting over a year for a chapter that was excellent and Kubo finally delivered. Thank god too. Just when One Piece was becoming less and less believable/ridiculous Bleach now rises to where it should be. Hopefully the follow up chapters won't suck though.

    I have always thought that a lot of the parts in Bleach didn't make sense. Many of you have already posted these things in the past like the wierd power level fluctuations throughout the manga and all the other things Ichigo and Aizen mentioned. Either Kubo is one of the greatest masterminds in Manga history or he just finally found a decent reason for explaining why nothing made sense from beginning to now(Some things not everything).

    I have always criticized Kubo, but I just hope he continues to do a good job like he has been doing the past two weeks.

    I am an Uchiha fan. There I said it.
    Now that Itachi's dead I will never get out of this genjutsu.

    Don't stare directly into any of the eyes.

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    Jan 2010
    Was a pretty fucking awesome chapter..

    We should get to learn more about isshin, finally..

    Is it me, or did isshin talk like he actually knew aizen? Itd also make sense, considering what aizen said just before he entered..

    Im going to laugh my ass off if isshin ends up being aizens brother or something.. :X

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    pirate hunter arisart's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    land of the rising sun
    aizen could have planned all ichigos fights but how was he so sure that ichigo would win it all specially his fight with ulquiorra? Did he just based it on the fact that he is the son of isshin?

    and why did kubo wasted one frame just to show aizens finger?

    3/5 for me and it's only because isshin is finally here

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    Senior Member Afro Thunda's Avatar
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    Fairfield, CA
    Wow. Just wow. Aizen/Kubo just pretty much blew all that talk about power levels and such we all argued about way back in the day out of the water with this one chapter. With Aizen implying that Ichigo didn't win those early battles because he was particularly stronger than Renji, Kenpachi, and Byakuya, but that he somehow 'fixed' those fights so Ichigo 'could' win, is freakin crazy lol. It makes all those past arguments meaningless. You know, I'm almost at the point where if Aizen said that Kenpachi has or doesn't have a Shikai, I'd be inclined to believe him lol.

    As for Isshin's appearance, I'll admit that I didn't want to see him until near the end of this whole fiasco, but I can't deny that him showing up doesn't make me happy. Because now we have the potential to get a whole lot of juicy information on Isshin's past and Aizen's motivations.

    Oh and at least we know Ichigo's gotten a little stronger since Aizen stopped his Bankai with one finger at the end of the SS arc. Now Ichigo is four Aizen fingers stronger than he was back then lol.

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    Ripple User Trilight's Avatar
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    Oh HELL YEAH! I've been hoping this was going to happen but FINALLY Isshin steps up, and it's against big baddy Aizen himself.

    Ichigo's reaction was surprisingly realistic, I'd be hella pissed if every fight I'd ever been in was fixed too. Aizen could really say anything at this point and I'd believe him.

    So also confirmed in this chap, Aizen stalks little boys, got it!

    Afro, Ichigo being 4 Aizen fingers stronger could mean life or death in this manga. After all this training and hard work mastering his hollow side Ichigo almost made Aizen stick out his entire hand to block a sword, talk about improvement!
    Last edited by Trilight; 03-25-2010 at 09:35 AM.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
    Where there's a will there's a way!

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    Regular Member Byakuguy's Avatar
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    Well, i came up with a weird idea that Aizen maybe Isshin's brother that way he would be Ichigo's uncle. Uncles usually know about their nephews from the day they were born. And the way Isshin came and said "You talk too much, Aizen" was kinda like annoyed brother like way of saying shut the fuck up. I know this doesn't make much sense.

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