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    He was prob gonna say "and a prince", hinting that his father is/was the/former king of ss but he was stopped.
    i was thinking the same thing, maybe Isshin was a member of the royal family , who fell in love with a human and left all his shinigami powers to rot...

    come to think of it there was this bleach movie concerning the royal family, dont really remember any part of it.

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    former king means tooo strong.. Dont think aizen can beat him

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    this chapter only confirms that theres ALOT that has happened in bleach that we kust dont know yet, which is why im excited to see where this leads. not so much in a hurry to see isshin release his zanpakuto, but i am undoubtly excited for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasengod7 View Post
    Now this is what I have been waiting for. I have been waiting over a year for a chapter that was excellent and Kubo finally delivered. Thank god too. Just when One Piece was becoming less and less believable/ridiculous Bleach now rises to where it should be. Hopefully the follow up chapters won't suck though.

    I have always thought that a lot of the parts in Bleach didn't make sense. Many of you have already posted these things in the past like the wierd power level fluctuations throughout the manga and all the other things Ichigo and Aizen mentioned. Either Kubo is one of the greatest masterminds in Manga history or he just finally found a decent reason for explaining why nothing made sense from beginning to now(Some things not everything).

    I have always criticized Kubo, but I just hope he continues to do a good job like he has been doing the past two weeks.
    I think he planned it out to some extent. Usually when you write something, you must have an idea where the plot should lead. The details may not always be what you thought them to be as they come up during the writing process, but I very much believe Kubo had planned this from the beginning, otherwise the series itself would feel even more aimless than it has been (maybe more because he didn't know how to reach that goal rather than there not being one). Let's just see how the follow up chapters will turn out though. If it will continue to keep the same high standard I am very well able to forgive the mediocrity that was the Hueco Mundo arc.

    Fucking hell, I haven't been this excited about Bleach in years... Why must there be yet another week for next chapter? WHY?!
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    Ultimate Sharingan gohanex999's Avatar
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    Wait Aizen said he knew about Ichigo since he was conceived? That means the dirty pervert has been watching Isshin do the dirty business with Mrs Kurosaki?!
    Orochimaru reminds me of Michael Jackson... Hes pale and has long black hair LOL

    "Come here Sasuke, I'll show you the true power of the white snake" ROFLMAO

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    Prick List: Gaara, Bee Genesis 1.0's Avatar
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    Kickass chapter, THIS was Epic. Kubo continues his roll.

    -Aizen telling Ichigo to lower his voice

    -Aizen again stopping his Bankai effortlessly

    -The explanation for the insane situations and power increases at rates unheard of

    -The teased revelation of what Ichigo the main character

    -Isshin arrives

    5 outta 5

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    im excited for the wrong reasons lol i just wanna see isshin in action see if he can pwn aizen without using shinkai..... how ever i know that wont happen but based on this chapter i think that gotei13 should be abolished with immediate affect seeing as they are not capable of handling situations even with the help of other organizations me thinks that squad zero should take over and current captains should be their vices lol..... im sure that next week would be used for isshin to explain himself to ichigo.
    oh yeah only thing i liked is aizen saying you should be better than this don't disappoint me lol like when goku 1st fought uub

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    shut up you weakling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just angry because i didnt let you became my SERVANT!!!!!! but icould not accept that because you are too weak to be my servant sorry

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    Actually he was going to say Hollow;-)

    I don't think Isshin wants his son to know he's a half breed Shinigami and Vastro Lord Hollow that his daddy fell in love with...

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    OH HELL F***ING YEA.. I would have like to see isshin in later chapters but am happy he appaeared now. So i was right about Aizen knowing ichigo before he even became a shinigami, (Check out my possibilities thread). I can't wait to get more information about isshin or if they will just start fighting. Ichigo has that retarded ass look on his face again but what else would u expect from someone who though his father was a retarded dad but then again isshin does act retarded. Also i think Aizen's main power is the mind manipulation, although he has turned out right about everything he has the power of the mind. Please Isshin, don't go down without given aizen a bit of hard work.
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    Now my head is spinning...

    So, then would Ichigo's sisters not also be as special?
    Or are their being twins screwing that up?
    Assuming Ichigo is half hollow, does that mean the effect was canceled in his sisters but compounded in him ("fluke")?
    Does it just mean that if someone activated their shinigami powers, they would become like their big brother?
    What if Isshin is not even Ichigo's real dad?

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