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    just epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have that shanks took back the hat from luffy will the sh pirates change their name????????

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    i'm thinking somehow law gets luffy to wake up and get his 12th wind and then shanks puts the hat back on luffy's head while they're both about to leave telling him it's not time for him to return it yet

    looks like coby may possibly be able to hear the voices of things like roger could.

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    ɹǝʎʍɐן Я I Hand Banana's Avatar
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    Was not able to predict this happening.

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    Back again REDXIII's Avatar
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    man,surprises like this make me love op
    great chapter,and cool speech from shanks

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    F***ing awesome mates... Beckman kicks ass!.
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    Quote Originally Posted by halaros536 View Post
    just epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have that shanks took back the hat from luffy will the sh pirates change their name????????
    I have a feeling luffy will get the hat back, if not Aces hat isnt being used right now.

    Shanks is awesome.

    Edit: Do you think that Ben Beckman dudes bullets are sea stone or infused with haki because why else would Kizaru listen to him?

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    Damn Shanks is awesome. Couldn't predict this in a million years, just another reason Oda is the best at what he does. Coby really showed some guts there, and Akainu has kinda lost it, he's running rampant destroying anything in his path.

    Also, even though they're not notable characters the deaths of nameless marines seem to have been made heavily apparent in this chap. I can't really remember another time where a character was specifically killed off so Oda's really going all the way here. As a "War" I think Oda made it apparent that lives were for keeps this time around.

    Not only major characters but nameless marines and pirates are being killed off too. Oda really upped the ante in this arc.

    Shanks must have gotten past Kaidou, or maybe we'll see him next chap. Buggy's gonna be pissed the spotlights on his eternal rival.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    Ok, the Oda answer isn't finishing this arc, but, scaling it up again.
    Now its Shanks showtime.

    Even though i would of liked the luffy withdrawal and the final WB Pirates showdown and BB final rampage.
    I really miss the SH crew, but well we can't waste Shanks appearance, so lets see what Oda will give us.

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