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Soruce: AP
Credit: Aohige_AP
Verification: Confirmed

Soruce: AP
Credit: Aohige_AP
Verification: Confirmed

most of the lines are way too blurry to read.
pic 1
Chapter 579: The Courageous Seconds

pic 2
*Shanks blocks Akainu's attack apparently aimed at Coby?*

pic 3
pirates: It's the Red-haired Shanks!!
Shanks: I came to end this war

pic 4
Marine: It's Trafalgar Law!! A rookie from the North Blue!!!
He's the co-perpetrator of Strawhat Luffy of the incident on Shabondy, and it seems he has come to rescue him on his submarine!!

Law: Hurry!! Get both of them aboard!!
(too blurry to read the rest, it seems that marines are going to focus on
capturing Luffy and defeating Blackbeard. Marines are coming out of the ground,
there's a passageway there now, and Law's ship is being attacked by marine battleship)

pic 5
Teach: Zehahahaha!!! What an awesome power!!
*Marines panicing*
Teach: Come on, Sengoku the Buddha!! The Hero Garp!! Can you stop me!?
Your era will end along with Whitebeard's!!

pic 6
Pirate: The Pacifistas have come over the crack in the plaza!!

*Tashigi worried about another marine*
Smoker: Get a hang of yourself!! You'll still live!! You just have to be tended...
VA?: LEAVE HIM BE! We're still in middle of a war!!
Corner the pirates!!! Crush every last one of them!!
Tashigi: Their spirits is still high!! Marines morale are higher, since they completed their objective....!

pic 7
Tashigi: (Even in victory... they thirst for more!!)
Akainu: Do not forgive this evil called "Piracy"!!!

Teach: No one can stop me now!! I'll destroy everything, and swallow everything!!
Buggy: eh!?

Kizaru: Leave Strawhat Luffy behind~~!!
Law: It's Kizaru!!

pic 8
Buggy: Alright!! You take care of them!! (throws Jinbei and Luffy over)
Law: (blur) Jean-Paul!(blur) Let's submerge!!
(blur bulrblur bulrblur bulr)
*Kizaru teleports next to Law*
Law: Damn it..!

???: Hold right there!!!
Kizaru: .....!?
Marco: .... more marine!?
Akainu: ?

pic 9
Coby?: Let's stop this!!! Let's stop this fighting!!
This is... a waste of lives!!
(Every single one of these soldiers have a family to go back to...!)
Our objective is done!! To keep fighting against enemies who have no more intention to fight back.... and pursuing a war that can be ended already...!!
Abandoning soldiers that may still live if they are tended right away...!!
And increasing even more casualties on top of it...!!
The soldiers that's going to die from now.... this is sheer stupidity!!
(blurblurblur Akainu's speech about not needing a soldier who doesn't walk in the way of justice, and attacks Coby)
Coby: AAAAAaaa!!!!

pic 10
Shanks: ....well done, green marine.
(blurblurblur) The few seconds you bought with your courage...
May have decided the future of the world!!

pic 11
Crowd: That.. that ship is...!!! Why is it here!?
Pirates: It's the red-haired Shanks!!!
Shanks: I came to end this war!!