reading the latest chapter, i couldn't help wondering that aizen knew something about ichigo before ichigo even became a shingami. Starting with him meeting rukia, was that a coincedence or did aizen just have the right timing or so. i knw it might not make a lot of sense but still. And there is another thing, when byakuya was on the bridge and icihigo flew in to save rukia after he defeated ganju. when ukitake saw ichigo he had a certain expression on his face and byakuya told him not to worry about it that he is not the man that just flashed through his mind. maybe not exactly what he said but the expression ukitake had means there was some kind of connection about ichigo or something and am wondering if aizen knew that particular thing. reading this chapter is to me saying aizen knew everything about him ichigo and planned everything out for him, what do u guys think or am i just looking too much into it.