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    Quote Originally Posted by Yondaime123 View Post
    Or mb Chad is the mastermind?
    no i think hanatarou is the mastermind

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    hmmm with gin what i can smell his demise soon enough ......... with isshins entrance gin gonna do a koname and be like how dare you speak to my taicho like that lol then isshin gives him 1 slash ownage and after that isshin says good to be back then puts his shades on lool................... or the true reason for his idleness could be that kubo doesnt want to kill off aizens only companion just yet cos even bad guys need some loving loool

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    Originally Posted by halaros536
    shut up you weakling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just angry because i didnt let you became my SERVANT!!!!!! but icould not accept that because you are too weak to be my servant sorry

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    i think the Spirit King rules over all. he controls all spirits from his throne, which means he controls creation itself and that's why Aizen wants the Hougyoku to use it's power against the Spirit King.

    can't wait for Urahara to return. Kon too!.

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