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    Senior Member OrangeFlash's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    I don't see this as Naruto's answer, rather as his conclusions. If they end up fighting for real, the most likely ending will be them fighting till they both drop (as they're both, literally, stubborn to death).

    Will somebody realize Kakashi is the de facto kage and stop disobeying him!!!

    So yeah, Naruto really does need training with a sharingan user, and some hints on how to use the kyuubi's shakra (and that can only come from the eight tails).

    @POW, maybe they're still calling him Tobi as a preventive measure, he's still wearing that mask, so trying to conceal his identity (from whom, that's the question.

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    I'm not so sure about the 'Naruto not killing Sasuke is selfish' viewpoint.
    True, Naruto stopped Kakashi from attempting to kill Sasuke first up. Naruto stopped him because he needed to have one last attempt at reasoning with Sasuke. I don't think Naruto would have just let him go if the cloud clan hadn't materialized. How was he to know people would miraculously appear out of nowhere? Ideally he would have carted him back alive. Sasuke would have gotten his ass handed to him in short order.

    But Naruto said he'd know what to do when he saw Sasuke face to face, and in my opinion he was right. What he was saying and doing was WORKING, Sasuke still has a heart after all and for once couldn't maintain impassive expressions, and then his plan got interrupted.

    In the end perhaps it's more beneficial to let Sasuke live and get stronger. It's going to take more than just Naruto to take out Madara.

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    pirate hunter arisart's Avatar
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    I tought what's left of madara was just his eye and just using obitos body? It's just a theory but with all the mask and the name calling makes the idea more likeable

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    C'mon Son! OrochiKakaRiya's Avatar
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    I also think one very significant part of the chapter was when Naruto said to Saskue "because Im your friend".

    The reason I think its significant is because Naruto didnt say "because your my friend".

    By saying because Im your friend it seems as if it made Saskue take a deep look inside and realize that the only friend he has left is Naruto. And he's shocked to even have that left.
    Beware of the Kyubii

    Stev3child - The biggest pussy of them all is rokudaime sennin though. If he was a real man, he wouldn't have relied on hax god-given powers to seal the Jyubi. He would have suplexed that bitch and ripped each tail from the beast one by one with his bare hands.

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    Because he's the hero the shinobi world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Naruto. LOL, Makes perfect sense and it is a totally Naruto-like answer. "I can't let you keep beating on people so I'll let you beat on me because I can take it, I can handle the burden"

    The first part is actually from The Dark Knight, and I rephrased it.
    I am an artist, and my medium is death. I'm about to create my masterpiece :s

    Fan of the Rasengan Doujutsu theory, even though it's dead. Although, he does have the special Uzumaki clan blood.

    Quote Originally Posted by thorofasgard13 View Post
    Because he's the hero the shinobi world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Naruto.

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    Oct 2008
    that was great! loved it!

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    logical fans slavkovski's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    i'm still confuse how many people still reading naruto but in the same time hate the story plot about friendship... isnt it so obvious from some chapter ago that the story will become something like this??
    "Either Die as a Hero... or live long enough to see yourself becoming the villain..."
    "Knowledge is power"

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    Level 9 Safeguard Merovingian's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by artifice View Post
    Exactly, he's not just saying that he will die fighting Sasuke, he is protecting Sasuke to force that situation and as a result putting everyone else at risk to satisfy his feelings. Naruto stepped in a protected Sasuke when there were openings in which Kakashi could have acted, especially if they had attacked together. Naruto forced Kakashi out of the situation to protect Sasuke and fight give Sasuke a chance to escape and let his hatred fester, which could easily result in the deaths of many people. Naruto only thought about his own feelings and Sasuke's, he ignored the big picture. It is apparent that Naruto decided on this even before Zetsu and Madara showed up, I really don't think their arrival had anything to do with his course of action.
    This exactly. Artifice, you said it better than I ever could. In fact, you and Paulbee share my very sentiments about this chapter.

    I hope Naruto knows what Sasuke’s festering of any kind of hatred consists of Sasuke possibly busying himself with before he hits Konoha.

    I mean, god forbid, Sasuke doesn’t save all his ‘festered’ hatred for him and releases some of it upon some poor, unsuspecting soul or village in catastrophic doses along the way.

    I thought Team 7 was... you know... a team. This was the very thing that rankled me about Sakura going it alone - her pretty much ousting her backup then venturing onwards to epic fail - so my feelings are no different when it comes to Naruto, stronger bond with Sasuke or not, ultimate bringer-about of Sasuke's redemption or not. There's no 'I' in team, Nardo, and I kinda get where you're coming from but... get with the program, man.

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    GAI SENSEI 4 HOKAGE bankai's Avatar
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    only one word about this chapter and this is


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    Senior Member paulbee's Avatar
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    I think Tobi is just a name used by Zetsu.

    I'm too lazy to check, but perhaps Zetsu just likes calling him Tobi.

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